My American Dream

To live with equal rights and freedom. But more importantly just to go to college, become a lawyer, and be successful for me and my son and start a family.

Myrtle Wilson's American Dream

"Daisy! Daisy! Daisy!" shouted Mrs. Wilson (with jealousy in her voice).... Myrtles's American Dream was to be just like Daisy. She wanted Daisy's husband, Daisy's home, She just wanted everything Daisy has. She just wanted to become rich and be Tom's wife.

Example #1:

Well for starters Tom and Myrtle are seeing each other behind their spouses backs. And Tom has an apartment where him and Myrtle go on the weekends. Which is a huge deal considering the fact he already has a wife and a daughter at home.

Example #2:

On the way to the apartment Myrtle has Tom buy her a dog. Because she felt like the dog would bring them closer . Back then dogs where considered a lot of responsibility and sort of looked at like a child. So Myrtle felt like that was the start of their little "family".

Example #3:

Tom got very upset when Myrtle started shouting Daisy's name. So instantly he smacked her. Not realizing when he had smacked her he broke her nose. Afterwards Myrtle had felt like it was her fault so she apologized to him mostly because she doesn't want to loose what her and Tom got.

Example #4:

Tom spends a lot of money on Myrtle. He bought her a Dog, Buys her dresses, bought her a silver dog collar, And even pays for an apartment each month so that her and him have somewhere to go when they are together. And all the things Tom buys her just makes her more attached and makes her feel special/ worth something.

Example #5:

Even though Tom acted so tough and so in love with his wife Myrtle still had some type of affect on him. I'm only saying that because when Myrtle got killed Tom was seriously hurt. And when he looked over the body and seen who it was he started to choke up and cry.  

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