Abraham Lincoln

Evidence:Abraham Lincoln was the most awesome person during the civil war because he was a good honest man and wanted everyone to be equal like the founding fathers wanted. He also kept the nation together while fighting slavery.     

warrant 1: Lincoln wanted slavery to end but at the time that wasn't the center of his attention. The south was planning to leave the united states, and becoming their own nation. Lincoln did not want that to happen. At the time his main concern was keeping the nation together even if that meant to end slavery and go to war.  

warrant 2: During the civil war Lincoln gave a great speech talking about equality called the Gettysburg address. He talked after Edward Everett gave a two hour speech talking about equality and how the slaves should be freed. His speech lasted about two minutes and it basically summarized what Edward just talked about. The speech was so short and powerful that they didn't even have enough time to get a picture of him giving the speech.   

warrant 3: He tried to help the slaves the best he could. even after the war he had a plan for them. giving them land and one hundred dollars to start their lives and buy stuff for their homes. The only problem is when he was getting that through he was assassinated so he couldn't ensure that it happened. After that a democrat became president and the south did not want that to happen. My point is that Abraham Lincoln was the most awesome person of the civil war era. He fought for equal right for the blacks til the day he died. He was just an honest good hearted man his whole life.