Junk Food

Jessica Trejo

"Health Care should be a Personal Responsibility"

When it comes to deciding what to eat, that should be a personal thing to think about. Obtaining the food your body and yourself knows it needs. The government tries to give you what is best for your health but that just makes people do the complete opposite. "A society where everyone is responsible for everyone else's well-being is a society more apt to accept government restrictions..." This is shows how with a society filled with reponsible people taking matter into their own hands makes them more aptainable to suggestion.

Banning junk food in schools is not Effective

       Kids at school tend to bring food from outside school instead of eating the schoools cafeteria food. This is mostly because of the food choices they give, it doesnt really help a kid make better food choices. but then again it shouldnt be up the school to choose a childs food choice. As a kid growing up and body metabolism changing, they should whats good and whats bad for their body system. "Education begins at home, and parents should concentrate on teaching young children good eating habits." Explaining how everything should start at home, from manners to education. Parents or guardians should be thefirstones to tach us about our food choices.

       Overall, junk food is looked at as a bad food choice, it may be true but it all deends on how you handle it. junk food once in a while is not bad but taking our health into concideration is something important. being healthy starts with yourself.

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