My Legacy

1) Consider how you portray yourself. What Image do u present to society and how do you do it?

How I portray myself is bright. I am bright because I am a helpful person and I know how to put someone in a good mood. The image I present to society is smart, and to some people annoying. I have Instagram,Twitter,Tumblr, And Kik. Sometimes when I post a selfie on Instagram, many people call me; Pretty,Gorgeous and other nice things. But in society people call me "A Nobody" and I don't like that because the people who call me that, think they're Perfect...when nobody is perfect. Sometimes people judge others by how they look not how they act. I sometimes get really annoyed with it, because say I judged someone by how they look, I wouldn't know how they would treat there friends. So the people who judge by how they look, will never know how they truly treat someone.

2) if you could portray a different persona (or even an alter-ego) what would it be, and how does it differ from how you usually portray yourself?

If I could portray a different persona it would be to, pay more attention in class, because whenever a teacher is teaching, for some reason I always blank out, I'll stare of to space and ignore everyone around me. Also another different persona would be how I act because sometimes I act crazy & other times I'm totally quiet but, I want to be a regular teen,normal. But also I don't know if I would like changing.

3) Do people see you the way u wish to be seen? How would u like people to see you? Discuss the legacy you are leaving at Allan drive.

I don't think people see my the way iwish to be seen.i think people see me as the " annoying little girl,that always talks." But some people see me the way i wanna be seen ,as a"teen whos mind is crazy."I would like people to see me as "The girl thats a hero to _____,or the girl who helped someone feel happy when they are down. The legacy i think im leaving at allan drive is,"the annoying little girl" or "the 2013-2014 8a2 class rep" or "the smart one (sometimes)"

4) How is your legacy represented within your digital footprint(Twitter,IG,Facebook,Vine)

My legacy represent within digital footprint is nice, and creative. When im on ig people tell me im beautiful and i just think i dont think so, i get thoughs comments all the time. I think i lead a good influence for little kids. i dont swear on ig, twitter, or vine. So i think the legacy i leave on digital footprint is " nice,caring and loving also Fun."

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