"Inspiration and Motivation will accomplish your goals."

By Brandon Freeman

Inspiration by Motivation.

I believe in the power of inspiration,

the motivation you gain ,

the goals you achieve ,

the the way you achieve them,

the ones you inspire after reaching your goals ,

But I don’t believe in not having goals.

The Words I live by.

I adopted this credo by looking at how others succeed. This is something I learned from others. I learned it by setting my own goals and having the inspiration to pull them through.

These goals are important to me because they help me. They help me get inspiration and complete my tasks. They are important to me to stick to because they are what keeps me on focus and successful so When I get inspired I set goals. When I set goals I get motivated. When I get motivated I achieve those goals.

I see my credo involving in harder goals. Better inspiration and better motivation.

I think as maturity takes over Ill see my goals in different ways and think better and smarter as I get wiser. This credo will help shape my future because my future depends on my goals and inspiration and motivation to fulfill my goals.

I challenge others to set goals because it can help them live more organized better lives with a motivation to reach your goals. Without goals you never know what you accomplish.

I challenge the people who don't have goals to set goals. So that they have something to accomplish, and not only accomplish your goals but I challenge people to exceed their goals. To be inspired by your goals. To be motivated by your goals and do you’r best that thou possibly can do. Never quit. and never give up on your goals because if you do its just going to slow you down in the future. So please keep your goals high and your motivation steady so that way you can accomplish anything and never have to worry about your future.

By, Brandon Freeman

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