BY: Michael Villatoro

The three actives were that first we had to sit up straight. Then we closed our eyes. We started to meditae is felt good and it took all the pain away from me. Then we layied on the floor and we fell asleep which it was relaxing. When you read to us it calm me down which it felt good. Which mediadtion helped me which I thank Mr. Halkuff. The defrrenice was when we layed on our back it felt way better that siting up straight.

When we started to mediatae It felt uncomfortbe at first then later on I started to feel good. I was trying to mediate on leaving all my fears away. To let out all me worries that I had everyday. I kept on thinking about that someone that is special to me that calms me down. When we feel asleep I felt like she was right beside me. It brought me peace. I was trying to mediate alone.

Mediation - it is a excerise that helps you with the problems you have.

Mantra - to focus on mediation.

Deep Breathing - is to realese C02.

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