The First Crusades: Perspectives from the  European
By: Katherine Aguirre


1.To get the Muslims out of the city,The europeans wanted to reclaim Jerusalem for their belief. They thought that if they died fighting for the capture of Jerusalem they would automatically go to heaven since they were fighting for God, but some of them thought that they would become rich because of the wealth that they believed existed in Jerusalem. Jerusalem was the Holy City where Jesus had preached, where he was crucified and where his empty tomb was located, a place of pilgrimage for Christians.

2.The Europeans thought that the happening of the crusades was to retrieve the holy land and they were called upon by the Pope to reclaim thy Holy Land.. Another Example or reason is that the seljuk turks invade Jerusalem, so Europeans waned to take the land away from them. Plus Jerusalem was a promise land thats why it was so important to them.

3.The crusades affected Europeans, brought them goodness and badness that they were introduced to roads. The European churches became rich because the priests looked at the leaders and for advice and that made them rich.

4.The Europeans viewed some groups to be  unholy and they felt like if they were the good ones during the crusades. They were doing it for the God and if they fought in the crusade, then they were guaranteed to be able to go to Heaven by the pope

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