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Tie Dye T-Shirt - Create Your Own and Flaunt It!

Wearing rugby shirts that are the exact replica of a Rugby Union team uniform is one of the most common ways of how fans express their support for and devotion to the group that they favor Covert Shirt Store. However, in a time when everyone is feeling the global credit crunch, it is not surprising that people would want to get more value for their money. Although fans will not skimp on rugby jerseys, they would definitely want to make sure that the ones they buy would give them utmost satisfaction and reliability. Aside from watching his favorite team lose, the one thing that can really put off a sport fanatic's enthusiasm is an unreliable rugby jersey. So, before you buy the first rugby shirts you see, you might want to consider the following tips first.

When buying rugby shirts, the price should not be your primary concern. Even during a financial crisis, buying cheap merchandise does not mean you will save a lot of money. More often than not, the cheapest rugby jerseys on the market are made of flimsy material. You really do not want the seams of your shirts to burst easily even if you were just raising your hands to cheer for your team However, this also does not mean that the most expensive shirt is made of high quality material. So, what you need is to attain balance, look for an affordable shirt that is made from dependable material.

Another thing that you need to consider when buying rugby shirts is craftsmanship. If you are wearing a rugby jersey that is an exact reproduction of the ones used by the team that you are supporting, you want to make sure that the details of the shirt is perfect. First, you must make sure that the spelling of the rugby team is correct. If you are buying a rugby jersey for your kid or a special person, you must be doubly careful in checking the details of the shirt. If you do not know the uniform of the team your son or husband supports, it may be a good idea to do your research first.

Lastly, buy from reputable stores and establishments. You really do not have to go out of your house just to buy rugby jerseys as you will not find it difficult to encounter an online shop that sells various sports jerseys. However, it may be a better idea to buy your jerseys from an online store that is exclusively producing rugby shirts.

Are you bored of wearing your shirt but cannot throw it away? Do you have several old shirts that you rarely wear? Maybe you have other shirts that have simply gone out of fashion and you do not use them. You should not continue keeping those old garments when you can use them to make something wearable. Tie-dye is a process of dyeing fabric by tying it up at various places with strings or rubber bands. Using this technique, you can convert your old shirt into a brand new tie-dye t-shirt.

If you are very creative, you can first design your shirt. It will help you in the tying process. Then you must select the colors you wish to see on your shirt. When it comes to tie dye you can let loose the designing genius in you. You can even buy plain white shirts from the various shops and department stores. You could also place an order online. However, nothing compares to creating your own tie-dye shirt. It will be like a great weekend activity and you can even include your kids to be a part of this activity.

Firstly, you must grab your old shirt (or a new if you wish to create on a new shirt), plastic bags, squeeze bottles, gloves, soda ash, rubber bands, fabric dye and a bucket. Except for the fabric dye, you will mostly get everything in your own house itself. You could do the entire process on your own or even buy tie-dye kits available in the market. These kits come with complete instructions that will guide you through the entire process.

Before beginning on the shirt, you can practice on some swatches of cloth. That will ensure you do not make mistakes and ruin your shirt. You will get various designs depending on where you knot the fabric or whether you squeeze it or fasten it like a robe. You can adopt various patterns. If you search on the Internet, there are sites that give you detailed procedure to get the different designs. You can even buy books. There are plenty of books available.

Let me explain how you can make your own tie-dye t-shirt in a few simple steps:

1. First, choose a 100% cotton or linen shirt, either your old shirt or a new if you wish. Wash it well.

2. Place this shirt on a flat table where you can work.

3. Knot the shirt at a few places or you can twist it and fasten with rubber bands or strings tightly.

4. Make the dye reading the instructions carefully. Either you can get ready tie-dye kits or you can source the dyes from the right place.

5. Dye the shirt by soaking for a minimum of twenty minutes.

6. Rinse the shirt in cold water.

7. Remove the knots and rinse the shirt again

8. Dry the shirt indoors, not in the sun.

People take pride in wearing their own tie-dye t-shirt. It is a fun activity and the shirt never goes out of fashion. So, what are you waiting for?