Carlea Barson Age 15. Union.

May 3 1863

I woke up early to feed the chickens. My uncle Charlie is already outside taking care of the horses. My Aunt Jana is making clothes for all of us, after the war started we have very little clothing.  After my brother, Parkinson, left for the war, my whole family has been devastated. My aunt says that we might have to move because its not safe here, we might have to live with my grandparents. Also i live with my aunts right now because my Mother and Farther left for the war with my brother. I have to go now and help my aunt make clothes.

May 5 1863

I didn't get the time to write yesterday because it turns out we are moving. I knew we would move but I didn't think it would be this soon. Also my Brother and Father wrote to us. You'd think I would be happy but they only wrote to tell me bad news, that me mother is very ill and might not make it. My mother was a nurse who would help wounded soldiers. I did overhear my Aunt and Uncle talking, they said that they might decide to go the the war but I hope they don't because I would lose more love ones. I would tell them no but if I did they would know i was listening to them. I'll try to write, but we are now on the road.

May 6  1863

We are still on the road and my Aunt had a very important talk with me to day. She told me that I might have to go to the war and do what my mother did. I was really upset, She told me that I would be forced to go be a war nurse. Aunt Jana says that all girls 14 and older could get taken away. I was scared that they could just pull us over and take me. I tried to stay in the wagon as much as I could so no one would see me. My Uncle Charlie says that i'm over reacting but I don't think I am.

Also my Farther and Brother wrote to me today. They did not mention my mother once, all they said is we love you and don't worry. I couldn't help but worry, I worried about my mother all day. I was also worried about me, what if they took me away.

May 8 1863

We arrived at my grandparents house today. I was really happy when I got there but then I found out the my Aunt and Uncle we leaving. They wouldn't tell me where they were going but I knew. All this time I thought we were moving for safety but we were really moving so I could live with someone else. My grandparents told what was happening when they left. After we were done talking I had to go wash clothes. My grandparents worked me a lot, but its better than being taken away. I have to go to bed because I have to get up early.

May 11  1863

I haven't been writing lately because I've been so busy. My grandma and grandpa are crazy. They keep telling me that its my fault that my family is in the war, I don't understand why. They also said that we will be leaving soon. Where? I don't know. I hope its somewhere nice.

May 12 1863

This will be my last writing. I am getting taken away to go to the war. I am really scared. My grandparentts took me the town and gave me away. Maybe I will see my mom, dad, brother, aunt, and uncle. Goodbye.

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