Stack the Countries

A geography app that combines trivia with a balancing game

This game is wonderful for teaching in a K-12 setting as it allows for multiple levels of difficulty. Students learn many important facts about countries, allowing them to have a better understanding fo the physical make-up of their world. The app allows for competition between other users and the "collection" of countries to track acheivement.  Customizable settings allows teachers full control over what they want their students to learn, weither it's captial cities, boarders or offical languages; the app may also be programmed for certain regions.

How it may be used in K-12 classrooms

  • Teachers could have competitions between students or between classes to see who could collect the most countries
  • Before learning about the international relations of an area, this app could be utlized to explore the geographical relations between nations.
  • As the app is offered in English, French and Spanish it could be ultized for language development.