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A successful business leader with a wealth of experience in several fields, Stacy Stine Cary most recently served as a partner with Family Focus, a Chicago-area nonprofit organization created to aid low-income families. In this role, she conducted legislative work in the field of parental rights and helped draft several key bills and acts. In addition to testifying and reporting before branch committees in various levels of government, Stacy Cary worked closely with state and local legislators to educate them on the matter and to secure favorable outcomes.

Before joining Family Focus, Stacy Cary spent nearly 15 years as the owner of GeOasis, an import and wholesale distribution company with operations throughout the world. In that position, she oversaw all company operations, including its retail sales of natural products made from wood, alabaster, minerals, and marble.

Stacy Cary spent more than two decades as an administrator with Patland Oil Co., where she served as a bookkeeper, landman, secretary, and lease negotiator. She also worked as a vice president and investments manager with Grayson Equities, Inc.

Reasons to Choose Organic for Children

Stacy Cary is an investor in Corganics and the owner of Holistic Health of Texas. In addition, Stacy Stine Cary advocates for parents and families, and cooks with organic ingredients.

Organic food provides children with more nutrients while protecting their bodies from the harmful effects of pesticides. According to a study published in Pediatrics in 2009, exposure to the pesticide organophosphate (OP) correlates with a higher incidence of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children. In the same year, The President's Cancer Panel urged parents to choose organic for their young children, since their developing bodies are more vulnerable to the carcinogens in many common pesticides.

Encouragingly, a study published in Environmental Health Perspectives in 2006 found that once children’s diets become fully organic, the levels of pesticides in their bodies drop to zero. These same children then gain the benefits of a diet rich in organic produce, which scientists in the European Union have determined contains as much as 50 percent more antioxidants than conventionally grown fruits and vegetables. These foods also help to strengthen the immune system, improve memory, and even create a better taste experience for picky young eaters.

The Mission of the Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas

Stacy Cary worked at Patland Oil Company, a family business, for 25 years. In addition to starting a number of successful business ventures, Stacy Stine Cary has been a longtime supporter of the Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas.

The Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas currently serve more than 32,000 girls and 17,000 women in 32 counties throughout the region, a population the organization seeks to assist in reversing a number of troubling trends. According to a study conducted by Dove in 2009, for example, seven in 10 girls have negative feelings about themselves in some way. The Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas work toward overcoming these issues of self-image by employing a talented staff of group leaders. These leaders specialize in helping girls achieve their goals through self-esteem building practices rooted in positivity and affirmation. Scout leaders also strive to empower their girls, both professionally and personally, in light of the fact that 97 percent of welfare recipients are either women or children. The Girl Scouts continue to make progress in their quest. Today, about 80 percent of parents of scouts report that not only has their daughter experienced increased self-confidence, but they have improved academically as well.

Children's Learning and Intellectual Processes Through the Years

An experienced Texas businesswoman, Stacy Cary has proven successful in several ventures. In addition to working in the state's oil and gas markets and in real estate development, Stacy Stine Cary established and promotes Family Focus, an organization that advocates for the right of parents to educate their children as they see fit. Stacy Cary works regularly with legislators as a parental rights activist.

Home schooling is an important part of the parental rights agenda. One major force in the home school movement is the Texas Home School Coalition (THSC), which provides free legal assistance, a free handbook, and other information for parents, including facts about the intellectual growth processes that children go through.

The most basic level of intellectual growth is remembering information. Early learning includes activities such as selecting, matching, listing and labeling. Understanding is the next step, and it occurs when children learn concepts. It is evident when children can explain data in their own words, give examples, or describe a real-world instance of a given fact. Success at this level enables students to apply knowledge to a range of situations.

Analyzing information takes students from acquiring concepts to categorizing and making connections between multiple disciplines, permitting value judgments. The next evaluational stage focuses on children's choice-making abilities. They might enjoy debating or essays. The final stage is creativity. Children learn to derive new meaning from new ideas. Creativity-based learning can lead to results that will surprise students and parents alike.

Corganics’ Popular Personal Care Products

Stacy Stine Cary is an experienced entrepreneur with a professional background in oil and gas, ranching, real estate, and retail sales. For more than a decade, Stacy Cary ran an import and distribution company that dealt in natural products and draws on this experience as an angel investor with Corganics.

Corganics is a Texas-based consumer care product distributor. Corganics began in 2003 with the creation of its Smooth Shave Gel. The gel is made up of essential oils, herbal extracts, and vitamins to encourage closer shaves with fewer cuts.

Corganics then branched out with the creation of Relief, an analgesic pain management cream. The cream can be used for treating muscle, joint, or arthritic pain. It is created with natural ingredients; it is not sticky, and it does not dry out skin. It is also designed with a more pleasant fragrance than other pain creams.

Corganics offers money-back guarantees on both its shave gel and pain cream. The products are available in stores around the country and online at

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