Leisure and Work: Searching for Balance

Leisure and work is much discussed today, there are several ways that take us to reflect about this. Analyzing the daily practices is verifiable that almost all jobs are boring or lacking creation. In general, many people divide pleasure, creativity, fun and freedom for the free time, leaving for work boredom, monotony, stress and search for money.

Normally, people keep their full potential for fun just in their free time which is the time left after work, totally free from everyday obligations, or is the part of the time allocated to physical and intellectual development of the human beings for their own benefit. People can use free time for resting, for fun, or even to exercise their ability to create something, once free of their professional, family and social obligations.

Nowadays, within the capitalist system, the essence of humanity was reversed, the main goal at work is not socializing, creating, communicating and learning. The work is seen as a means of getting something, consuming, having. Therefore, it becomes a tedious, monotonous and tiring activity, making the humans sell their mental and physical energy. However, the work at the current society continues to be the major catalyst of human energy to mobilize our creative potential because competition makes companies to create new products, making them able to perpetuate their brands.

To successfully combine work and pleasure at the same time is necessary a propitious environment. Workers who spend their days pushing a button hardly see themselves in that activity. Despite the fact that work can often cause stress, we know that it is possible to have fun working. It's important to notice that the pleasure felt is far greater and more rewarding when there is a feeling of achievement, of being appreciated for our professional activities.

Having pleasure in what you do, even if it takes many hours of the day, requires intense dedication and absolute attention. For some people, the office, laboratory, company, street, school… In other words, all workplaces and activities can be a source of satisfaction and personal fulfillment, without having anything wrong with that. Professionals from various areas appear quite happy with their choices, and also able to keep alive their personal lives. Many of us know someone who works hard, but manages time to be with friends, family and having leisure.

The solution for conciliating work and pleasure at the same time, and at the same place can be offered in a clear and direct way: We have to work not FOR pleasure, but WITH pleasure. There’s no secret, basically… Working around people, tasks and companies that make us feel great.

"If you have pleasure in what you do, you will never have to work in life.” Confucius (600 BC)