Standard Industries

The Lighting Products and Services of Standard Industries

About Standard Industries

A Butler, MD, replacement lighting company, Standard Industries specializes in fixtures and bulbs that are particularly difficult to find. Its varied and unique client base includes repairmen, operations managers, property managers, business owners, and electrical contractors. The company also serves a wide range of ordinary, residential customers seeking light bulbs. The sales professionals at Standard Industries are specifically trained to identify individual consumer needs and provide practical lighting solutions at a reasonable cost.

From common lamps and tubes to complex emergency lighting systems, Standard Industries carries a full spectrum of fixtures and accessories. Its line of high-quality replacement bulbs includes incandescents, compact fluorescents, halogens, mercury vapors, high-pressure sodiums, and a variety of metal halide models. The company’s team of lighting experts work closely with customers in an effort to save them time, energy, and money. From its Butler, MD, headquarters, the company sells and distributes products throughout the continental United States.

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