Stand for Children

Promotes Educational Equality Among All Children

About Stand for Children

Stand for Children is a nonprofit organization that focuses on training citizens to become leaders. Those leaders emerge from the organization with the skills and knowledge they need to lobby elected officials for improvements to children’s programs. Stand for Children exists, in short, because children have no voice in the political system: they need representatives to facilitate change for them.

Leadership lessons imparted by the staff at Stand for Children involve grassroots efforts. For example, individuals can build teams of fellow parents who will then knock on doors and make phone calls to pass a local ballot measure to increase the amount of funding for schools. Additionally, all leaders who complete the organization's training are encouraged to help initiate change in policies by working to elect local and state government representatives who promote their interests.

Stand for Children promotes equality for children regardless of their race or socioeconomic standing. To achieve that equality, those affiliated with the organization push for access to pre-K and kindergarten classes, safe learning environments, and access to college or vocational training. More information is available at

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