Stanley Xu - Change for the Better

Stanley Xu seeks to change all of his properties he acquires for the better. Stanley Xu founded the real estate firm - The Longwell Company in 1992 with his wife, Nanling Chen, an experienced realtor and official registered agent in Washington State, where the company is based. Xu has been involved with many real estate deals in the Seattle area over the past twenty-plus years, and he almost always gets a sizable return on his investments when he acquires property. He does this by investing in more than just the property. He also invests in people.

Stanley Xu employs a bevy of property managers and work crews who work hard to improve his properties. Xu’s property managers provide excellent service to the residents they work with. This approach gives The Longwell Company and Xu two unique advantages: One, the residents love having a responsive and responsible property manager. They also feel safer knowing that their property managers will take care of any unsafe situation at their homes. They trust the management company, and the Longwell Company. They will pay more in rent for the repairs and maintenance services they enjoy. Two, a well-maintained property is more valuable for resale than one that has fallen into disrepair.

Stanley Xu didn’t try to change the whole industry. He only runs one company that deals primarily in one region of the United States. He only hopes to revitalize buildings and other properties whose values are slipping for preventable reasons. Xu says that his investment strategy grew out of respect for the people living in the properties he invests in, and in his hope that he can help his adopted community.

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