Stanley J Szaro

djunct Professor at New York University

About Stanley J Szaro

Stanley J. Szaro currently serves as an adjunct professor at New York University in New York City, where he has worked since 2012. He teaches the history of American silver in the 19th and 20th centuries and the history of Mexican silver in the 20th century. His curriculum touches upon manufacturing techniques as well as the major players in the industry, from Hector Aguilar to Antonio Pineda in Mexican, and Tiffany and Gorham in American, and market trends. He also offers some spectacular George Jensen, Baccarat, Puiforcat and Buccelati. Stanley J. Szaro often brings students to his own business, Lauren Stanley Silver, to hold and discuss pieces of silverwork. Through his business, the professor has sold Mexican and American silver to well-known institutions such as the Houston Museum of Fine Arts, Cincinnati Museum of Fine Art and the Chicago Art Institute.

Prior to teaching and managing his business full-time, Stanley Szaro also practiced law through a private practice in New York City. An accomplished attorney, he took on cases relating to real estate, matrimonial law, estate planning, and bankruptcy. He was born and raised in New Jersey and earned his bachelor of arts from Northwestern University and his juris doctor from New York Law School.