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About Stanzione & Kim

A Washington, DC-based law firm, Stanzione & Kim, LLP, represents clients in the United States and abroad in matters related to intellectual property law. The firm brings together attorneys experienced in key areas ranging from telecommunications systems to mechanical engineering; in fact, Stanzione & Kim employs experts with professional backgrounds in the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Over the past decade and a half, the firm has worked with technology clients active in markets throughout the world.

Stanzione & Kim lawyers focus on several different practice areas, one of the most important of which is patent law. The firm's attorneys guide clients through each stage of the patent process, including the patent validity search and patent licensing phases. Moreover, the firm represents clients in any patent-related litigation as well as in federal appeals.

To get in touch with a Stanzione & Kim attorney, prospective clients may log on to the firm's website at and fill out the contact form hosted there. Alternatively, they can reach the firm by phone at 202-775-1900.

Obtaining Trademark Rights and Registration

Based in Washington, DC, Ellsworth Intellectual Property Group PLLC provides counsel to inventors seeking to gain intellectual property rights for inventions or ideas. The company keeps clients informed on changes in laws and provides access to crucial information throughout the application process, advising clients filing for several forms of property rights, including trademarks. Ellsworth Intellectual Property Group PLLC commonly handles trademark application cases. What is a trademark?

Trademarks are otherwise known as brand names. Companies and individuals seeking to distinguish themselves from competitors can register words, symbols, and names as personal trademarks to create a unique idea about one’s self, products, or company. Similarly, a trademark functions as a logo, providing a reference for the source of the goods or services. It is important to select a strong trademark since it becomes a distinct form of identification.

A trademark that is federally registered provides a more solid base for its use. While registration is not mandatory, it more thoroughly establishes ownership and legal rights to the mark's use in the public sphere. This registration includes several different types of marks in addition to trademarks, such as service marks, certification marks, and collection marks. To learn more, visit

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