The Democratic Republic of the Congo Population.

Population of 77 Million

Population growth and Death rates

Currently, the amount of children per family is roughly 5, however, the life expectancy is 17-18 on average for both genders. Despite this, the morality is down due to AIDS which causes things like lower life expectancy, higher infant mortality, higher death rates, lower population growth rates, and changes in the distribution of population by age and gender than would otherwise be expected. The Democratic Republic of the Congo has an area of 905,600 square miles and its population exceeds 77 million.

Problems caused by the rising population

The population problem in the Democratic Republic of Congo has touched other places within the sub-Saharian Africa due to the issues of  the rationing of resources such as water and access and control over materials. The tension over rationing of these items has led to a "World War" in Africa over these materials. From 1998 to 2010, there have been over 5.4 million deaths since the fighting and it is still continuing.

how Congos population affects america

America has been having a close-knit relationship with the Congos, including making the Congos a democracy and acting as the peace-maker for the Democratic Republic of the Congos. As the population grows, America's action of putting the Congos under its wings will make America have to be responcible for giving the Democratic Republic of the Congos resources they need.

Helping the population problem

It is said that when women are given more educational lessons, the less children they have. If that is the case, which it has been shown to be so, then if all around the world women and even men are given more education then the population rate would gradually decrease. Having women be able to do everything men do and have as much freedom as them in the entire world, in allowing women to divorce and own their own houses, will post-pone childbearing.


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