How to start your GOLD business.

Later maybe never, tomorrow may not come, by then will bee too.late...


1: Research about the company. Stay openminded, remain positive and keep on researching. Research about how the system works. To start please watch the video here watch now

2: Send me a private message FB  or email me and decide whether you would like to have a solo account or a corpo account. If you have done step number 1 you should know what is solo and corpo account. You should also know that the solo account is Php36,500 while corpo account will be minimum of five shares (5,210). Reward is always times 5 of your capital and another times 5 on the second table.

3: Submit 1 copy of your ID. Emgoldex only accepts the following ID (SSS, Drivers License, New Postal ID, and Passport), proof of billing such as (brgy clearance, cedula, remittance receipt, electric bill, water bill, phone bill). Also send your basic information like full name, address with postal code, mobile number, email address, Region, username (to be used to login to your emgoldex account), table alias. Send this to your sponsor as soon as possible.

4: Approach your sponsor who to send the payment to. Make sure to keep a copy of your receipt and send it to your sponsor for easy tracking.

5: Market our business to your friends and relatives. Create an fb account for marketing purposes. Make some noise and let the world know how beautiful our business is. Let everyone know about the people who is experiencing a good life because of Emgoldex. Upload testimonial videos, learning videos, photos, and quotes that will make the people know what you are marketing is something that will make them successful. Add Emgoldex clients so you can get to read their posts and the latest news in the Business. Posts advertisement in groups and threads to get new clients.

6: Stay active in our group chat, update your team of your prospects, add interested people to our group chat. We will help you convince your prospect to join. Keep on looking. Do not stop. Expect rejections, that is normal but taje rejections as a challenge to be a better marketer. Keep studying about the business. Upload videos, educate your audience, entertain their curiousity, feed their interest, and satisfy their desires.

7: Your goal and the team's goal is to make the level 4 exit the soonest time possible. Leaders and exiters will always help in filling the tables. You should also help your self because what is waiting for you is unlimited 180k. Reach and have it with utmost dedication and hardwork.

OUR TEAM IS WAITING FOR YOU. Let us help you achieve your dreams. PM me now