Star Wars Dog Costumes

Send Your Large Pet Dog to a Galaxy Far, Far Away!

If you're a Star Wars fan, what better costume for your pet dog than something from Star Wars?  They can be one of the creatures like a Taun Taun or Bantha, or eve dress up as one of the main characters like a Jedi, Yoda or Princess Leia.


Darth Vader Costume
for Large Dogs

Yes, it's Darth Vader for Dogs!  Let your dog be the Lord of Evil.  And YOU are the Master, bwaaaa haaaaa haaaa!


Star Wars Ewok Dog Costume

What could be cuter than an Ewok for large dogs costumes?  Ewoks are furry, your dog is furry... it's a match made in Star Wars heaven!


Star Wars Bantha Costume
for Large Dogs

Personally, I think this is one of the most awesome Star Wars costumes for dogs.  Turning your dog into a bantha is just cool!  (My son has some friends who named one of their dogs Bantha.... they definitely needs to buy this costume for his dog!)


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Jedi Dog Fight!

Watch the Jedi Dogs fight for a bone!  (I thought it was a nice touch the black dog has the red light saber!)


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