Bella the haunted BFF

Bella: Bella was my best friend we used to do everything together like go roller-skating, bowling, and even shopping for no reason what so ever. But it started getting weird she was dressing dark and gloomy and didn't want to hang out and then I figured out what was going on.

Cursed: Me and Bella before all of this started happening we went to a cemetery, and had Bella brought her freaky doll that she new I hated  just to scare me. So we go it to the cemetery and its like 200 years old. We break in, and somebody from school in our 5th period class said if you go their at 12 sharp and run around the angel statue it would curse you. So we went and tried it, of course I was chicken because, if it was true I definitely didn't want to be cursed. But of course she just couldn't resist to do it, so she does it I'm on the side counting 1..2..3.. and then all of a sudden we both see the eyes move and freaked and ran all the way to her house. Then right when we got to her house we kicked off our shoes took off our jackets and settled down we went to her room and googled it and saw that it was a little girls grave named grace that died at the age of 5 in a serious car crash and loved dolls and named her little doll Natalia and saw that she love bells doll and held on to it so we go to sleep and the little girl  was tired of not being seen and haunted my BFF for a really long time. So i went home and i felt that this was going to happen and wrote a survival guild.

Survival: First you need to know if their is a actual demon, ghost, or soul inside of her.If she starts acting apoplectic that means lifeless theirs one symptom.Then you call her and ask if she's ok and annoy her if she gets mad and her voice changes to be deeper than you know their is something in her thats the biggest symptom. Well I thought and from the shows and other stuff in the past their had have to been something in side of her.Well i think and think and then a light bulb came and i knew that the little girl from the article the little girl liked dolls and must have liked Bella's. Then from thinking more I knew it was the little girl Natalia and wanted just a little attention. So you need to go to the mom and tell her what happen and if she thinks that you are a lunatic than you show her the videos of the past like her acting her self not some lazy bum thats gothic. If her mom didn't believe you and is still thinking she's sick then you should be nice and ask her to take her to the doctor. So if they say theirs nothing wrong with her  what so ever. Then her mom gets to wondering what you said. So she calls you and says come over i need your help.And you call and ghost person and they have a little detector and that will read if she has something in her so they swipe her will swipe her stomach and if they see something moving inside of her and it doesn't look right then its serious. So her mom called a priest and they pour water thats been blessed by a priest and pour it over her and the ghost can't handle it and burns it then its gone. Thats my survival guild for my BFFLEWNE and for anybody that needs it will be helpful. HAPPY HALOWEEN!!!!!!!!!=)

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