To the Glory of God- "I'm a Stay-at-Home Mom

What does your day look like? How do you work time for the Lord into your busy schedule?

     -"The one thing that having a little boy, let alone a child, has taught me is that all scheduling goes out the window the minute they are born. I remember, before Ezra was ever even a thought in my mind, I would wake up, make a nice big cup of coffee, snuggle into my couch & just rest in knowing that there would be no interruptions as I dove into God’s word. How those days seem to be like a dream now!

     Our days vary from one to the next; on a “good” day Ezra allows me to have a solid 8 hours of sleep, wakes up happy, eats his breakfast without throwing it halfway across the room, and I actually get to enjoy my coffee hot as we read a story from The Jesus Storybook Bible and the correlating chapters in the Bible. On our not so good days, I’m reheating a very large cup of coffee as soon as I clean the egg from not only Ezra’s hair, but also the dogs’ hair and the window.

     It has been a struggle to not have a set schedule. I like having a plan of action, even if it is a little lax. I liked the assurance that I could sit down and really dig deep into the Word and listen to whatever the Lord may be trying to tell me without any “distractions.” I sometimes get frustrated that I am interrupted by the screeches from “the banshee” or the eerie silence of mischief happening. However, it was no mistake that Ezra got his fingers caught in a drawer yet again; it was no surprise to God that Ezra would wake up with a fever; nothing happens without God first knowing it would happen. I have learned, and am still learning, that I can pray & seek Him even when Ezra doesn’t understand that he can’t put the dogs’ toys in his mouth. God knows me, He knows Ezra, & He knows every moment that happens in my day; I can still worship Him even in distraction."

How do you feel your parenting glorifies God?

      -"Scripture says that in all things, do it unto the glory of God. I believe parenting is just another avenue to do just that. For Ezra, my aim is not to just raise him, but to be the best example of Christ to him as I can be. I want to show him that we can worship God in the way we dress, the way we drive, the way we give- in ALL things.

     Ezra is not mine- he is God’s first and foremost, and a gift given to me. And like every gift, I pray I am able to steward him well. I love Ezra enough to love God the most."

How has your relationship with God grown since having Ezra?

     -"Having Ezra, raising him, loving him, and trying to be the best example of Christ for him has taught me abundantly more than I actually thought. Erik, Ezra & I took a walk in the park today, & as I watched Ezra fight to push his walker through the mulch instead of on the concrete path, it made me think of how I am towards The Father. I stubbornly will try to trail blaze my way through a situation, instead of leaning in and relying on Christ, knowing that he has a more concrete path that will lighten my overly yoked self.

     God’s also graciously softened my heart to seeing Him more as Abba Father, & not just Righteous Judge/Ruler (though He is that too.)

     There really is nothing like a mother’s love. Erik teases me about a “connection” I feel I’ve had since we’ve known we were having Ezra. I cry and hurt when Ezra is sick and hurting; I feel anger if someone was to hurt Ezra- malign or slander him; when he is frustrated that he cannot seem to get the balance to stand on his own, I too am frustrated. My reactions and feelings have strengthened my understanding of how much I need God, my depravity without Him, but also how God sees us as His children. With a deeper understanding of my depravity as a parent I am better enabled to glorify God in my weaknesses."

-Chelsea Ripley