An opportunity for all students & teachers to showcase their learning.  There will be student presentations, reenactments, demonstrations, and experiments.  There will also be student exhibitions of models, collections, and visual presentations.

In addition, we will host a student film festival, robotics demonstrations, and coding classes for parents taught by the students. Students can register to showcase their learning with their classroom teachers. All presentations & displays will be evaluated using 5 C's Evaluation Rubric.


Displays, Collections, and Models

Display is a visual presentation. Collections are a group of objects or works that were studied, analyzed, and presented in conjunction with the TEKS. Model is a representation, generally miniature, to show the construction or appearance of something.


  • Students/Teacher will have 1 table for their display
  • Must be present and willing to answer questions about their display
  • Bring display the day of Extravaganza and take home the same night
  • Include a poster (8 ½ x 11 or larger) that lists the learning standards and addresses the 5Cs expectations rubric
  • Displays need to be neat, organized, legible, grammatically correct, etc.


  • Collections - rocks, insects, leaves, stamps, postcards around the world, etc.
  • Models - Volcanoes, solar system, building models
  • Display - presentation board, science project, etc.

Presentations, Demonstrations and Experiments, Reenactments/Skits, Musical Performances etc.

Presentations, demonstrations, experiments, skits, musical performances are any 1 time presentation/performance limited to 3-5 minutes. These presentations will be scheduled performances in Hawkins Hall


  • Students/Teachers will have only a few minutes to set up and take down before performance - please have all materials ready to go
  • Must be present at least 15 minutes before scheduled time to present
  • Presentation needs to be limited to 3-5 minutes
  • Students must speak clearly and have their presentation memorized
  • Before they begin their presentation, students will need to provide a brief explanation of their presentation and how it addresses the 5Cs expectation rubric (not part of the 3-5 minute time limit, cannot be more than 1 minute long)

Film Festival

Robotics Demonstrations

Students will have a designated area to demonstrate robots that they have worked on throughout the year

Coding Classes

Students will teach parents what they’ve learned about coding

Digital Photography

Students will submit a photo that reflects life as a Longhorn - Learning to Lead and Engaging in Excellence

  • Will be submitted via Eduphoria Formspace
  • Must be a JPEG file type (1920X1280 minimum)
  • High-resolution images will be combined to create a video display. Images that are inappropriate, not related to the theme, or pixelated or distorted will not be included in the display.

Read The Fine Print

To enter a student or teacher presentation or display,

  • Sponsoring teacher must complete registration form by May 1st
  • Campuses must obtain parent permission and commitment that student will be present the night of the showcases. (see parent letter, keep at campus level)
  • Photograph entries due May 8th
  • Film Festival entries due May 11th
  • Display and Presentation entries must be 100% completed and ready to go the day of the STEAM Extravaganza - May 21st. Campus, teachers, and students are responsible for setup and takedown of each project

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STEAM extravaganza huge success. Check out Picking Up Steam video:

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