Poison paradise

Life is toxic,love is chemical,immortality is death.

Fear the man in the mask,but with love.

By David Olmos and Daniel Trujillo

Red:our graceful leader fights all wars with no mercy,but protective of his people

White:the man in the mask settles for no less than perfect for his people

Black:his hate for the enemy's anarchy is never ending and hate will subside when the enemy dies.

Pistol and mask: he is one of us,no different then you or me,fights for his country and unlike the enemy,he fights along side his allies and helps them in any situation.

Our articles of love and hate


The name of this country will be Poison Paradise


The purpose of this country is to provide immortality and equality to man and women alike

The very existence for Poison Paradise is for man kind to become greater than god ,to make mans paradise.Now we can live forever as gods.


No god only faith in the man in the mask.the expectations of our country is that you’ll die for it as it would for you. The expectations are for you to work for your country but how ever you please


The Man in the mask.We are a country of charity not dictatorship.The man in the mask is always our savior,therefore we don’t need a leader.The goverment is not corrupt because there is no goverment.There is only the Man in the mask.    


The responsibility of the Man in the mask is to insure mortality is given to his followers.it promises to provide food,water,shelter and immortality.The responsibility of the people is for them to love the Man in the mask.


Murder is impossible because we are immortal.There is no need to steal everyone has what they need.There is no need for treason the man in the mask has the best interest for the country and his people.If you betray your country you betray everyone you love and the Man in the mask. If you don’t love the man in the mask you love the enemy.Whenever in war time the Man in the mask will come to you and ask for help.If there ever an enemy that infiltrates the country Dial 2484. In case of an emergency Dial 1991.You have the right to bare arms but to defend the country.You have freedom in the country only if you love the Man in the mask.


Everyone will get the fundaments of knowledge if they love the Man in the mask.People will go through three levels of education,they must go through two to be considered a citizen,three to be considered educated.If they don’t want an education they donate themselves to medical research for their country and the Man in the mask


The symbol for the country is the Man in the mask fighting for his country.Fear the man in the mask but with love after all life is toxic, love is chemical, immortality is death


The Man in the mask is to be loved but to only hate the enemy

Characteristics and Abilities:

It has the gift of immortality and chooses to share it with his followers also has the power to summon plagues.His characteristic is brave and carrying and protecting of his people.

The Story of Our Savior:

The story of the Man in the mask told through his eyes of a world corrupted otherwise known as hell.The story starts during a dark time of mass gathering of people under a flag with a twisted cross.Many people were judge by the unjustice of the system.People were being prosecuted by looks,religion and race.Everyone was being massed into a line going into a outpost.Behind it seemed to be house of smoke.The adults and children were being seperated and soon i made it to the front of the line.I hid my mask from the people with matching clothes they seemed to be leading us into a house,but it wasn’t the one with smokes.When we entered they shut the door behind us and soon a green fog came in.I put on my mask everyone else seemed to be going to sleep.Soon afterwards a man came in with a gun shooting all the bodies when it came to me i hid under a body.I cut the sleeping mans shirt open and pulled out a stick i found inside his stomach.The man with the gun came towards me i stabbed him and red fluid came out.As i stood and watched the man on the floor I heard him begging on the floor for his life offering me a chance of freedom.I told the man”Fear the man in the mask but with love”.Soon i releasized i had the ability of immortality and that i could control plagues.Soon all the soldiers were killed by the same gas that killed my people, and soon the only one left was the commander, i told him to spread the rumors of poison paradise. Soon people came far and wide to gain the gifts i had to offer, refuge,immortality,freedom and a chance to join a new world of paradise.”Life is toxic,Love is chemical,Immortality is death.

The national anthem of Poison Paradise

Here in poison paradise,we have over come the communistic Governments and self righteous gods and become greater with our savior,the man in the mask has given immortality and peace  to all but the anarchist savages.Here life is toxic,love is chemical,immortality is death.

Here is a slide show for poison paradise,for best effects,please listen to greenday's  "Song of he Century"

Chamber of Redemption

To betrayers we have a process of how to get you to turn pro for the Man in the mask see we use tactics to persuade you ,we talk to you just in peace no other means to do any harm.We also give you a new home in the building for temporary reasons ,treat you with respect and honor you to great food that we have to offer from the finest farms we have.If you still believe to be anarchist and to be in the rebellion we do not use violence ,we then show the goods we’ve done for the country and how great we treat our people and also show how friendly our people are.We will also will show you how friendly neighborhoods are and people during the day and at night after you seeing this you’ll be wondering all along why you were against us and with the rebellion.After the day has ended we will then invite you into a suite and hold a dinner for you about another successful day of turning the rebellion to our side we will then give you a new home to your interest and give you 100,000 dollars to you and prepare you with a job and give you the respect the rebellion never gave you.Our country has given so many chances to so many other rebellions and yet so many come over because they aren’t treated with respect,honor,and dignity yet we have done that to all our people. After long 20 long years of hard work Poison Paradise is a reality. With the Chamber of Redemption we can’t always persuade many other people to join our paradise if that so may be the case we let them go back to where they wish with supplies they need.

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