Digital Publishing

Create a Vertical Newsletter using Tackk

If you have something to share — words, photos, links, videos — that take up more than 140 characters, but don't warrant a whole blog, Tackk it up. Tackk is a user-friendly, cloud-based webpage editor that even works on mobile devices.
What's more, it's free!!

What type of content can I put on my Tackk?

Text, headlines, links, photos, graphics, videos (i.e, YouTube, Hulu, Vimeo, Vine, Instagram), audio and playlists, GIFs and media, buttons, PayPal sales, Google Maps, and contact forms.

Adding and Moving Content

  • To add any content to the page, hover your mouse over any content area and a blue plus put-on will appear on the left. Click on that button and a content selector will appear above that area. Choose the content you would like to add and the editor for that section will appear.
  • Hover your mouse over any content area and two arrows will appear to the left along with a blue plus sing. To change the position of the box on the page, click on the two arrows.
  • Tackk allows you to not only add pictures, but videos and audio hosted from cloud-based sites such as Instagram.


  • A unique page address is created upon arriving at the site. This cannot be changed, but can be freely shared with others.
  • To create a unique URL, you need to register first.
  • There is a share toolbar at the bottom of each Tackk. This allows users to Like, share via many social media sites, email, print, or embed.