Stephen Crivillaro: BOLD Volunteer

Stephen Crivillaro is a former green energy consultant and advocate for renewable forms of energy. He is a native of New York City, and has volunteered with BOLD, the Bronx Organization for the Learning Disabled. He has donated money and volunteered many hours of his personal time to BOLD, which has been serving children and adults with special needs since 1958.

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Stephen Crivillaro - The Global Pizza Summit

Stephen Crivillaro is a graduate of Queens College in New York. He majored in Labor Studies, has worked as a green energy consultant, but says that someday he would like to go into business for himself by opening a pizzeria.

Having grown up in New York City he has come to know what good pizza is. And he understands that the competition will be stiff. He is greatly interested in the Second Annual Global Pizza Summit and the very first US Caputo Cup Pizza Competition that will be held in New York in mid-January. He won't be competing in it, but as a future pizza king he will be paying close attention to the goings-on, which he will be able to follow via the Internet.

As he knows, the Global Pizza Summit features presentations by Italian food producers, and the introduction of Caputo's first New York Style pizza flour. To those outside the industry, it might seem that flour is flour, but Stephen Crivillaro understands that a good crust is what really makes or breaks a quality pizza, so the flour that it is made from is extremely important.

The Caputo Cup Pizza Competition is a staple of the pizza industry in Italy, and it has been a mainstay for some thirteen years. But for the first time, there is a version of it for the United States, and great pizza makers from all over will be participating. Stephen Crivillaro says it is very exciting for pizza lovers such as himself: pizza makers will compete in two categories, to see who makes the best Traditional Neapolitan style pizza, and the best New York style pizza. He doesn't know who the favorites are; he just hopes he gets a few samples.

Stephen Crivillaro - Choosing the Right School – Knowing what you want from your education

Choosing to attend college can be a life altering decision filled with long nights studying, high bills for courses or student loans, and the best experience of your life as a young adult. For Stephen Crivillaro, making the decision to attend a university was easy, as on average 98% of graduates from his private catholic school went on to further their educations with a four-year degree.

Although obtaining a higher education can be stressful, the time spent discovering yourself and learning a trade can be well worth the long hours and money spent. Once the decision to attend a college is made, though, you must decide where to go to school. For Crivillaro, attending Queens College was another no brainer. As one of the most diverse schools in the country with a highly competitive academic program, and low cost of tuition, choosing the perfect school for him took little effort.

Taking into account the factors that are important to you for the long term can make the decision easier. Knowing what major you may be interested in and the quality of the programs offered for your desired degree is an important aspect to consider along with the location of the college, and the cost of tuition.

For students like Stephen Crivillaro, attending school is an important stepping stone in achieving their long-term goals. Choosing the right school can either fast track you to success, set you behind, or possibly leave you stagnant and struggling to make your degree relevant in your chosen field.