Stephen Joseph Racik Of Florida Has Served CompuScan, Amdahl, and Many Other Reputed Companies

Stephen Joseph Racik of Florida is a highly skilled professional with vast experience in enterprise computing service, application infrastructure and support. Started his career in the year 1978, he has worked very hard to achieve the position at which he is today. He possesses great problem solving skill, and he can understand the things easily. He has handled many projects, and gained success through dedication. He has good communication skills, which helps him to communicate effectively with his team members. He is a dedicated professional whose work has been appreciated by his seniors.

He commenced his professional career with CompuScan as a Field Service Engineer. He provided on-site service and maintenance of OCR computer equipment and performed on-site customer repair training. In July 1982, he was promoted to West Coast Manager Field Operations, and his responsibilities were revised to supervising Field Service Engineers and providing technical support to them. In 1984, he joined TeleVideo Systems and served it for four years. Stephen Joseph Racik of Florida furnished on-line support to end user resellers and earned promotion to OEM Account Manager in 1986. To coordinate all major account activities, he worked with sales representatives, customers, and executives. In addition, he was also responsible for RFQ’s pricing, forecasting, contract negotiation, delivery schedules, and configuration control.

Stephen worked as the Director of Site Operations Menlo Park with He successfully planned and migrated e-commerce web site from NT 40 to NT 2000 at this company. In addition, he also ran a 24 by 7 e-commerce site comprised of 100 NT servers on the Intel platform running a variety of applications including BackupExec, DoubleTake, Exchange, IIS, GenTran Server, HP OpenView, Marimba, NetGenesis, NetGravity, NetIQ, Network Ice, NT Server, NT Workstation, Oracle, PCAnywhere, SQL, Terminal Server, Visual SourceSafe, XIOtech.

He worked In 1994, Stephen Joseph Rack of Florida joined Amdahl as the Business Manager- Customer Service. He Changed company standards for allocating warranty reserves to customer service. At this company, he also designed and implemented an IntraNet™ Web site, negotiated and implemented support contracts with Exide Electronics, Veritas, CLARiiON, Data General, and IBM, and also helped in reducing costs allocated to CS used for financial planning. While working with Sigma Designs, he managed a group of product lines, primarily OEM and they made up 40% of revenues for four years back to back.