Stephen Joseph Racik Successfully Fulfilled His Responsibilities While Working With CompuScan,Inc. and TeLeVideo Systems, Inc.

Stephen Joseph Racik is a highly qualified business professional who has years of experience working with a plethora of well established companies. He possesses 25 years of technical experience, including 10 years technical product marketing expertise, 8 years of technical support and 2 years of work experience at Onsale Site Operations. He possesses a comprehensive working knowledge of Windows NT Server, RAID storage systems and Intel based server hardware. His career objective is to achieve the position of Director Operations or Management Information Systems to create, sell, support and market innovative products.

He started his professional journey with CompuScan,Inc and then, he never looked back. He worked very hard to achieve new heights in his professional life. He worked at prestigious positions while serving CompuScan,Inc. and TeleVideo Systems, Inc.

CompuScan,Inc (1978-1984):

Stephen Joseph Racik joined the company as a Field Service Engineer in June 1978. During the employment, he performed on site client repair training, and provided on-site maintenance as well as service of OCR computer equipment. In July 1982, he was promoted as a West Coast Manager Field Operations. He worked on this designation for 2 years, and supervised 4 Field Service Engineers in the local office. In addition to this, he provided full technical support to field engineers in the Western Region.

TeleVideo Systems, Inc (1984- 1988):

After leaving CompuScan,Inc., Stephen grabbed the opportunity to work as a Technical Support Specialist with TeleVideo Systems, Inc in 1984. While serving in this position, he successfully delivered his services, and achieved set business objectives. He worked as a Technical Support Specialist for 2 years and furnished extensive on-line support to end-users and resellers. In March 1986, he received a promotion and began working as an OEM Account Manager. Stephen worked directly with corporate executives, sales representatives, and customers to coordinate every type of significant account activity.

He was also responsible for RFQ's contract negotiation, pricing, forecasting, configuration control, as well as delivery schedules. Owing to his great dedication towards his work, he was again promoted in the year 1988, and started working as the Director OEM in the Product Marketing department. As the director, Stephen managed the department of administrators and account managers, along with prospecting and developing new OEM opportunities. He also provided ongoing support for new product introductions, products, and customers, as well.

Stephen Joseph Racik studied Electrical Engineering Technology from Pennsylvania State University in 1978, Business Management from Golden Gate University in 1988, and Unix Administration in 2001 from the University of California Santa Cruz.