Stephen Racik – A Florida Based Business Professional

Stephen Racik is a Florida based business professional holding twenty years of rich experience in the technical field. He has studied Electrical Engineering Technology at the Pennsylvania State University and has also attended the Golden Gate University & the University of California Santa Cruz to study Business Management and Unix Administration respectively.

Stephen Racik from Florida embarked on his professional journey in 1978 by joining as a Field Service Engineer in CompuScan, Inc. While serving this role, he provided on-site service and maintenance of OCR computer equipment and performed on-site customer repair training. In 1982, he was promoted to West Coast Manager Field Operations, a new role that came with responsibilities like supervising Field Service Engineers in local office, providing technical support to Field Engineers in Western Region, and more.

From 1984 to 1988, Stephen Racik worked for TeleVideo Systems, Inc. During this time-period, he got the chance to serve at three different designations. He joined as a Technical Support Specialist, but soon got promoted to the position of OEM Account Manager and then to Director OEM Product Marketing. While serving as the Director OEM Product Marketing, he diligently managed a department of account managers and one administrator. He made a significant contribution in improving the company's ROI by developing new OEM opportunities and providing ongoing support for customers, products, and new product introductions.

Stephen Racik from Florida also worked for Sigma Designs as the Director OEM Product Marketing from 1989 to 1992. Here, he managed a group of product lines, primarily OEM, which made up 40% of company revenues for four consecutive years. Some of his main accomplishments in this company was creating, producing, marketing, and selling a wide range of Intel PCs with bundled Microsoft software, using 486/386 passive-backplane motherboards with integrated memory, cache, I/O, video, and disk drive controller. In addition to this, he built interactive financial models to forecast margins and won large government bids.

In 1993, Stephen Racik started a direct marketing company by the name “NU Born Time Capsules”. As a business owner, he did a fantastic job by brilliantly handling an array of duties. In the next few years, Mr. Racik got the opportunity to be associated with reputed companies like Amdahl, Onsale, and many more. Over the years, he has gained in-depth knowledge and understanding of Windows NT Server, Intel based server hardware, and RAID storage systems.