Stephen Racik Of Florida Has Served Amdahl From 1994 to 1996

Stephen Racik of Florida holds more than 20 years of technical support experience. He has worked with a number of reputed organizations, including CompuScan, Inc., Sigma Designs, TeleVideo Systems, Inc., NU Born Time Capsules, Onsale, Amdahl, Egghead+Onsale, and more. He studied Electrical Engineering Technology from Pennsylvania State University in the year 1978, and in 1988, he gained comprehensive knowledge about Business Management from Golden Gate University. In the year 2001, he enrolled in the University of California, Santa Cruz to study Unix Administration.

In the year 1994, Mr. Racik started working as the Business Manager for Customer Service Department with Amdahl. Amdahl Corporation is an IT company based in Sunnyvale, California that specializes in IBM mainframe-compatible computer items. It was founded by Dr. Gene Amdahl in the year 1970 who was a former IBM computer engineer, and was known as the chief architect of System/360. The company was a key supplier of UNIX and open systems servers as well as software, large mainframe computers, data storage subsystems, application development software, data communications products, along with a multitude of consulting and educational services.

In 1970, Amdahl produced cost effective plug compatible machines, which could be utilized with the same software and hardware as offerings from IBM. Boasting quicker uni-processors, greater performance characteristics, higher reliability, and the largest single image, the Amdahl mainframe was fascinating to purchasers who were willing to consider options to IBM. While winning approximately 8% of the mainframe business globally, the company won a position of market leader in some areas, particularly Charlotte in North Carolina.

At Amdahl, Stephen Racik of Florida    was liable for the P & L of service offerings, and analyzed budding partners as well as products from an array of aspects, including Backline Support Abilities-Product Quality, Company Philosophies-Partner Viability, Logistics Capabilities-Strategic Value, and End-User Expectations-Financial Goals. He supported many platforms, including Novell NetWare - Windows NT, MVS - Amdahl UTS, and Sun/ Solaris - Unix. Mr. Racik modified the standards of the company for allocating warranty reserves to customers service, and brought in $750,000 implementing this innovative standard on the first transaction.

While working with the company, Stephen Racik of Florida designed as well as executed an internal IntraNet website, thereby, enhancing internal department communications. He successfully mediated and assigned support contracts with Exide Electronics, Data General, Veritas, CLARiiON, and IBM. He updated and mechanized a few of the tools that are utilized within his department.