Stephen C. McEvoy Belmont

Corporate and Legal Executive in Belmont, MA

About Stephen C. McEvoy Belmont

An executive, business development specialist, and attorney with more than two decades of experience in his field, Belmont, Massachusetts, resident Stephen C. McEvoy currently serves as a vice president, general counsel, and assistant secretary of Abiomed, Inc. Educated at Brown University, the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University, and Columbia Law School, Stephen C. McEvoy began his legal career as an associate in the business law department at Palmer & Dodge (Edwards Wildman). Five years later, he began a lengthy tenure with biotechnology firm Biogen Idec, where he worked as associate general counsel and chief operations counsel.

Joining the team at Abiomed in 2007, Stephen McEvoy has since assumed legal oversight for the company’s worldwide operations. He leads various regulatory compliance efforts and the acquisition of new business. In addition, he advises the Abiomed board of directors and supports the company’s commercial strategy. Active in the local community in Belmont and beyond, he formerly served as a director of Cambridge Family & Children’s Services and once volunteered with Amigos de las Americas in Paraguay. 

CFCS Supports Youth through Its Residential Services Program

A resident of Belmont, Massachusetts, Stephen C. McEvoy is responsible for overseeing the legal department and business development activities of Abiomed, Inc., as the director of business development and vice president. A dedicated member of his Belmont community, Stephen McEvoy previously served as director of Cambridge Family and Children’s Service.

Dedicated to supporting families and helping children grow up in nurturing homes, Cambridge Family and Children’s Service (CFCS) provides a wide range of services to more than 100 towns and cities around Massachusetts. One of the programs maintained by the organization is its residential services program. The organization’s residential services are designed to help young individuals increase their self-reliance and improve their self-esteem while also becoming more prepared for their future endeavors in work, school, and life.

CFCS maintains an independent living facility along with two group homes, Stepping Out services and Follow Along services as a part of the program. The two group homes maintained by CFCS are for young adults and older adolescents between the ages of 16 and 21 years old. Meanwhile, the independent living services utilize a scatter site apartment model for young adults between 18 and 21 who need social and emotional support but already have more advanced life skills.

Further, the organization’s Stepping Out services help young individuals moving from a group home to independent living. Finally, its Follow Along services provide young individuals with supportive staff who are available as they move into a new home environment.

AMIGOS GAP Abroad Program Teaches Youth Leadership

A business executive with over 25 years of experience in economics and business development, Belmont, Massachusetts, resident Stephen C. McEvoy serves as the director of business development and vice president of Abiomed, Inc. In terms of charitable support, Stephen C. McEvoy of Belmont has volunteered for AMIGOS de Americas. AMIGOS offers adolescents with opportunities to become youth leaders in global communities through initiatives such as the GAP Program.

The GAP abroad program enables youth participants to receive first-hand experience in facilitating social change through full-time volunteer internships with community development organizations in foreign countries. Participants board with host families and work with local agencies and youth groups on a daily basis. Intern hours typically run from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., and workdays normally end with a community projects planning meeting with a local youth group.

Requirements of the program include two years or equivalent of Spanish study, proof of mandatory immunizations, and demonstration of leadership potential and community service commitment. Participants must also meet the program’s health criteria and adhere to its AMIGOS Standards of Personal Conduct and Community Behavior.

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