Stephen Crivillaro - The Viability of Waste-to-Energy Systems

Stephen Crivillaro has been a green energy consultant and an advocate of alternative, sustainable sources of energy.

He says that using alternative energy resources such as waste-to-energy make a lot of sense, and need to be taken seriously and explored. But he concedes that, like all energy sources, both alternative and traditional, it has its advantages and disadvantages.

One of the biggest advantages to waste-to-energy systems, says Stephen Crivillaro, is that most of the waste that would otherwise go to a landfill is re-used. And since there is always going to be waste, there is always going to be a reliable source for more energy. Moreover, the fuel that is produced is obtained fairly cheaply. And existing landfill sites can be mined for more material to convert into fuel.

The downside, he says, includes that fact that the public at large remains unconvinced that emissions from waste-to-energy plants are clean, and free of any potentially harmful chemicals. It is also expensive to build waste-to-energy plants, although Stephen Crivillaro points out that it is expensive to create landfill sites, too.

With all of that in mind, Stephen Crivillaro says that it is worth it to bear in mind that every single year, the average household throws away one and a half tons of garbage. Turning waste into energy might strike some people are far-fetched, but he insists that it is a viable option worth exploring and developing.

Stephen Crivillaro, who is a graduate of Queens College in New York, also advocates the further development of renewable energy resources such as solar power, wind power, biomass, and hydroelectric power.

Stephen Crivillaro - It's All In the Crust

Stephen Crivillaro is a veteran green energy consultant. He holds a degree in Labor Studies from Queens College in New York, and says that he enjoyed his consulting work. But he also has the American Dream of running his own business. He is now working in the pizza industry, and says that sometime in the not too distant future he will explore opening up his own place.

He knows that the pizza industry is highly competitive, and that he'll need to do something really special to make his pizza stand out from the crowd. He will be closely monitoring, via the Internet, the second annual Global Pizza Summit in New York in January, and a pizza competition that is being held simultaneously.

Stephen Crivillaro was greatly impressed to hear about the pizza made by an Australian pizza maker, who was named "Best Pizza Maker" at the Pizza World Championships in Italy. Johnny di Francesco introduced what he called the Super Cheese pizza that featured a remarkable ninety-nine different kinds of cheeses on top.

Stephen Crivillaro says that sounds pretty good to him, but he is convinced that the most important part of any pizza is its crust. It should be light and crispy on the outside, and flakey and not too doughy on the inside. He has been working carefully to develop a special way of making pizza dough, adapted from how his mother made it when he was a kid. He says it was basically bread dough that only goes through one rising, but the secret is – well, he didn't want to say because then it wouldn't be a secret anymore. But it has to do with giving the dough a long, slow rise.

With an astounding 50 million American and foreign tourists visiting New York City each year, the city is full of life and adventure. New York native, Stephen Crivillaro, has traveled around the world for past jobs only to end up back in the city he loves. Now a business owner on the lower east end of the city, Crivillaro is one of the many inhabitants who has taken advantage of the opportunity the city presents to its residents and tourists alike.

For those visiting New York City for the first time, there are sites that should not go unseen. The city it full of major destinations like Ellis Island, the Empire State Building, Time Square, the Bronx Zoo, Rockefeller Center, Coney Island, Broadway theater, the world trade center memorial, and much more. NYC also offers a one of a kind shopping experience with must see locations and storefronts and luxury shopping along Fifth Street and Madison Avenue.

With over 28,000 acres of park land and 14 miles of public beaches, there is also a more laid back and relaxing side of New York City that goes against the traditional image the city portrays. Taking a trip to NYW doesn't have to be all hustle and bustle. Taking a stroll through the park and casually hitting must-see sites is a great way to get the most of your trip without feeling rundown. There are also many companies that provide tours for some of the city's most iconic locales that just should not be missed. Taking a tour when you first arrive is a great way to become acquainted with the city and better plan out your trip.

There are also many tours around the city that focus on special interests or particular activities that may better serve the purpose of your trip. As one of the top culinary destinations in the world, the NYC food and culture has been greatly influenced by the wide range of diversity among its many immigrant residents. The city has become a destination for cheesecake, bagel, and pizza lovers from around the world who wish to try the authentic influences of the Jewish and Italian immigrants who made the culinary scene in New York famous. For these foodies, food tours are available which allow tourists to sample many types of famous cuisine for a reasonable price while simultaneously learning about the city.

While some tourists may come for the food, many residents can’t live without it! As the owner of a pizzeria, Stephen Crivillaro, is proud to be a part of the rich culinary spread the city has to offer tourists and residents alike. When visiting the city, stopping by restaurants frequented by locals is a great way to get a real sense of New York City life and step away from the tourist scene.


Stephen Crivillaro - New York City – A one of a kind getaway