Stephen Crivillaro - A Brief History of Pizza in New York

New York City started the nation-wide pizza craze in the United States. Stephen Crivillaro is a New York City native who grew up eating hot, cheesy slices of New York style pizza. He had always dreamed of opening his own pizzeria in the city he loves and made that dream a reality by opening a pizzeria on the Lower East Side. He makes cheesy New York style pizza using a 50-year-old Sicilian recipe. He is dedicated to keeping the New York pizza tradition alive in his neighborhood pizza joint. Pizza has a long and rich history in New York, and can easily be called a New Yorker lifestyle.

The history of pizza in the United States starts with a man named Gennaro Lombardi. He was a baker and pizzaiolo who moved from Naples to the United States when he was 14. Gennaro Lombardi lived on Spring Street in Manhattan, he worked in a bakery and in a grocery store. He decided to start making and selling pizzas. He made his traditional pizzas in the bakery by night and sold them the next morning in the grocery store.

After working for at the bakery and grocery store for several years, the owner of the grocery store offered to sell the business to Lombardi. He jumped at the offer and began running the grocery store. However, a few years later, he decided to open the first American based pizzeria. In 1905, Lombardi was granted the first license to sell pizza in the United States. Up until that point, Italian immigrants made pizza in their homes, and some families sold pizza as unlicensed vendors. Lombardi had a coal-fired oven built, turned the store into a restaurant and began selling a unique pizza, tomatoes and mozzarella. This pizzeria became immensely popular and has been in business for over one hundred years.

Pizza quickly became a major part of the New York lifestyle. More Italian-Americans began opening pizzerias to serve the city. Antonio Pero, who was trained by Gennaro Lombardi, opened the first pizzeria in Brooklyn. In 1924, John Sasso opened John’s on Bleecker Street. Each of these restaurants are still operating and show no signs of slowing down. When most people thing about New York cuisine, they think New York style pizza. The Italian immigrants who dreamed of building a new life in New York created a legacy that has lasted for more than one hundred years.

New Yorkers love their pizza, and people from around the world flock to the city to try a slice of true New York style pizza. Stephen Crivillaro is carrying on the traditions of the original pizzeria owners in New York City. He owns a simple neighborhood pizzeria that sells the best New York style pizza on the Lower East Side.

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While he was still employed as a green energy specialist, Stephen Crivillaro upheld for the utilization of these different wellsprings of renewable energy as a reliable option to conventional fossil fuels.

Stephen Crivillaro - How to Start your Own Business

Starting a business is a major feat. Stephen Crivillaro opened a pizzeria in New York City. He had always dreamed of owning his own pizza place and spent years working towards that goal. He studied Labor Studies at Queens College in the borough of Queens in New York City, and played baseball for the school as well. He then went on to work in green engineering as a consultant. Even though he is passionate about finding renewable energy sources, he still dreamed of owning a neighborhood pizza joint in New York City. Starting a business, such as a pizzeria, is a process that takes time and requires a lot of different steps.

If you have a vision for a business, you will need to start planning early on. Before you can even think about opening the front doors of your business, you have to figure out where those doors are going to be. Location is everything in business. Opening your store front in a great area can draw in customers and help you grow your business. Spend some time looking at potential neighborhoods. You should choose an area that does not have a similar business to your already.

Your next step should be to figure out what your startup costs will be. Look into how much your potential rent will be and what your monthly operating costs will be. These are all important factors that could decide the success of your business. You should also develop a business model to help keep your company afloat. A business model analyzes how your company will make a profit. It looks at what your production costs are and can help you determine how much you will need to charge your customers in order to cover operating costs and make a profit.

Your third step should be to advertise your business. The best way to get customers is to let them know your business is opening, what you are offering, and where you are located. Advertising and marketing are always worth investing in, because it is a way to build a reputation and draw in new customers. A successful business has an advertising campaign that is strong and widespread.

Successfully starting and running a business is a difficult task that requires a lot of time and energy. Individuals who choose to start a business need to be willing to work tirelessly to meet their goals. No matter what industry your business is in, it will take dedication and hard work to make it successful. The first year is usually the most difficult and requires the most work. Stephen Crivillaro is a pizzeria owner in New York City. He is dedicated to his business and works hard to serve his customers amazing pizza.

Stephen Crivillaro - 3 Popular Styles of Pizza

There are many different styles of pizza. Stephen Crivillaro owns and operates a pizzeria in New York City. He had always dreamed of opening a pizza joint, and he serves his customers traditional New York style pizza. He grew up buying slices of pizza from neighborhood pizzerias and loves being able to provide his neighborhood with high quality pizza and a great atmosphere. There are three major types of pizza that are popular in the United States.

The first type is New York style pizza. This pizza traditionally is thin crusted and is served in large slices. This style of pizza was originated by the Italian immigrants who settled in New York City. It has become a tradition and a lifestyle in the city.

The second type is Chicago style. The pizza that originates in Chicago traditionally has a thick crust. This deep dish pizza can be an inch deep. It traditionally has a sweet crust and a sweet sauce. Common toppings include mozzarella, Italian sausage, tomatoes, basil, and ricotta cheese. This style of pizza was developed by the Italian immigrants who settled in Chicago.

The third type is Sicilian style pizza. In the United States, Sicilian style pizza is thick crusted, but not as thick as Chicago style. It is also often made in a rectangular shape and served with strong toppings. Stephen Crivillaro is the owner of a pizzeria on the Lower East Side. He is a talented pizzeria owner who makes a delicious New York style pizza.

Stephen Crivillaro - The Health Benefits of Baseball

Baseball players are athlete who are all in great shape. Stephen Crivillaro was a baseball player while he was in high school and participated in a league while he was an adult as well. He owns a pizzeria in New York City and is still an avid baseball fan. He enjoys following players who are in great physical shape. There are several health benefits involved with playing baseball and being a baseball player.

Baseball is a great cardiovascular exercise. The batters run around the diamond, and the fielders run around the outfield while trying to catch the ball. Baseball players need to be able to run in quick sprints while they are player. This is a great way to get your heart rate up and to keep your weight down.

Baseball also takes a lot of muscle. Hitting the ball into the outfield takes a lot of upper body strength. In order to hit the ball hard enough, you have to have well developed muscles in your arms and your core. You will also need strong back muscles to support the momentum of your swing.

People who are serious about playing baseball need to develop nearly every muscle group on their body as well as their physical endurance and stamina. There are a lot of health benefits to playing baseball on a regular basis. Stephen Crivillaro was a baseball player for years. He enjoyed being an athlete and taking on all of the physical challenges that come with the American sport.

Stephen Crivillaro - 3 Ways to be a Humanitarian

Humanitarians are individuals who selflessly help others and donate their time. Stephen Crivillaro is a businessman and a humanitarian. He runs a neighborhood pizzeria in New York City. Before he opened his own business, he volunteered with a variety of organizations. He cares about other people and has worked hard to improve the lives of others. There are several ways that you can become a humanitarian as well.

One way to begin helping others is to improve your local community. Volunteer your time with a food bank or a shelter. Or you can work with the local youth. This is a great way to help the people who live in your community and help your neighborhood grow.

Humanitarians, in essence, are caring people. If you want to be a humanitarian, you will need to want to help others whenever you are able. True humanitarians want to better the world and help wherever they are able to help. It is important to believe in a variety of causes and want to help spread awareness about those causes. Humanitarians are dedicated individuals who want to help make the world a better place.

Another way to be a humanitarian is to help others get involved with the causes you believe in. The more support there is, the more successful your cause will be. Humanitarians work hard to improve their city as well as the world. Stephen Crivillaro is a humanitarian as well as a successful business owner in New York City. He is dedicated to helping others.

Stephen Crivillaro - Mind your own business – What to Know about the Restaurant Industry

The food service industry in an ever evolving giant that is continually shifting to meet the needs of consumers. Stephen Crivillaro owns a pizzeria in bustling New York City and made sure to spend time studying the industry and discovering his place in the restaurant business working for other restaurants before venturing off on his own to create his business. Having a plan in place is a key aspect is ensuring the success of your business and the satisfaction of customers for years to come. Before opening your business, there are many things to keep in mind to keep the process as stress-free and successful as possible.

Know your demographic. Who are you targeting when you market your products? Are you looking to meet the needs of the fast paced, quick service industry for busy consumers on the go? Are you more interested in creating an experience for your consumers and plan to offer a one of a kind environment where customers can come and relax in their down time? Or are you looking for some middle ground where you provide both options? Finding the perfect balance, keeping your brand clear, and differentiating yourself from competitors are all important when marketing yourself to your chosen audience.

Don’t overdo it. Take it as you will, but this can apply to almost any aspect of opening a business. Don't try to offer more than you can handle in the beginning stages, don't muddy the image of your target market by trying to appeal to everyone in one broad sweep, don't charge too much but don't sell yourself short. Don’t, Don’t, Don’t!

With so many areas of caution, it's also important to never lose sight of the reason you're opening your dream business. Do keep your vision clear and stick to your core values. Never let the pressure of success change your vision at its core. Evolving with the industry and changing to meet the needs of customers is one thing, but becoming an organization that you’re unhappy with or are no longer proud of isn’t worth it. Your business is an extension of yourself and employees are the face of your company. They can make the difference between repeat business and a bad reputation.

Entrepreneur Stephen Crivillaro knew what to expect before opening his business. His love for serving others and making a difference in his community has all come into play while he strives to provide excellent products, stellar customer service, and high-quality employment opportunities for those throughout the community. Opening a business can come with a world of worries and sleepless nights but the benefits of living your dream and seeing the results of your hard work first hand can make it well worth the added effort.


Stephen Crivillaro - Catholic High school Athletic Association

Comprised of thirty-one high schools within the Brooklyn and Queens Diocese, the Catholic High School Athletic Association (CHSAA) sponsors 16 sports and is the largest Catholic High School Athletic League in the United States. The New York section of the association is made up of four divisions, with schools in Westchester, Manhattan, the Bronx, and Staten Island. As a graduate from Salesian High School (a member of the CHSAA), Stephen Crivillaro has fond memories of his time in school participating in sports.

For Crivillaro, playing baseball was a pastime that taught him dedication and how to balance his work with extracurricular activities. After graduating from Salesian High School, he was able to continue on to Queens College where he remained active in athletics and played baseball as a pitcher and outfielder.

Since it was formed in 1927, Catholic schools in New York have had the opportunity to compete with one another in an organized manner with the organization overseeing rules and awards. Before that time, many of the Catholic schools that were already in existence, starting from the earliest in 1908, competed with no organization overseeing games and regulations.

The CHSAA introduced several sports into their organization such as baseball, track, and basketball, and continued to add to the program as schools developed a wider range of athletic opportunities for their students. Those who actively participated in sports through the organization, such as Stephen Crivillaro, benefited from the well-laid planning, structure, and regulations that are expected of all schools within the program.