Stephen Eric Lawrence

Founder and Owner at Trinity Company

About Stephen Eric Lawrence

A philanthropist and businessman, Stephen Eric Lawrence established the Lawrence Family Foundation, a privately funded nonprofit charitable group helping the Nassau community since 2005. The organization combats a rise in homelessness spurred by the economic downturn and assists the elderly, individuals with disadvantages, and youth in the Bahamas and beyond. Since its inception eight years ago, Stephen Eric Lawrence’s foundation has supplied the Royal Bahamas Police Force with dozens of Kevlar vests and donated equipment and supplies to St. Matthews Elder Daycare.

Complementing his charitable work, Stephen Lawrence founded Trinity Company, an enterprise involved in private equity and real estate investment. Before establishing Trinity in 2003, he gained hands-on business experience at a venture capital firm during the 1990s. The executive and philanthropist prepared for his career by enrolling at the University of Western Ontario, where he earned his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and his Master of Business Administration in Finance.

When not advancing his business and philanthropic interests, Mr. Lawrence pursues the sport of downhill skiing. He has skied throughout the world in such locations as Austria, France, and Canada. When not on the slopes, he can be found boating or enjoying the works of such authors as Kurt Vonnegut Jr. and John Irving.

Clinton Foundation Works to Restore Haitian Economy

In 2005, Stephen Eric Lawrence founded the Lawrence Family Foundation in Nassau, Bahamas. In addition to supporting local charities such as soup kitchens and care centers for the elderly, the foundation assists with global disaster relief efforts. Stephen Eric Lawrence and the foundation helped to facilitate temporary housing for victims of the 2010 Haiti earthquake, and have contributed to the Clinton Foundation, an organization that continues to support recovery efforts in Haiti.

The Clinton Foundation works to help Haiti rebuild its economy as well as its infrastructure. In addition to relief funds focused on providing food, medical care, and housing to Haitian communities, the foundation maintains several projects aimed at supporting small businesses and creating new jobs. In 2012, the organization played a key role in establishing Caracol Industrial Park. Currently housing Korean apparel firm Sae-A, the industrial park has generated more than 20,000 jobs and is expected to create as many as 60,000 in the future.

The Clinton Foundation has also assisted Haitian artisans in finding international retailers to purchase their handcrafted pieces, expand their production, and improve manufacturing processes. In this way, the foundation has highlighted a key aspect of Haitian culture while helping to restore its economy.

The Clinton Health Access Initiative’s HIV/AIDS Efforts

Based in Nassau, Bahamas, Stephen Eric Lawrence serves as president of the Trinity Company, which engages in technology-based, private equity investment and real estate development. Through the privately funded Lawrence Family Foundation, he supports a number of local nonprofits that support youth, the elderly, and the disadvantaged. Stephen Eric Lawrence also contributes to humanitarian causes such as the Kerzner Charitable Foundation and the Clinton Foundation, which is headed by former U.S. President Bill Clinton.

One of the most significant undertakings of the Foundation is the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), which was launched in 2002 with a focus on addressing pressing needs for affordable, high-quality AIDS and HIV treatment. The cost of HIV/AIDS medications typically runs more than $10,000 a year, pricing out a large number of people in developing countries. CHAI’s sustained efforts have been successful in bringing the annual cost of HIV/AIDS drugs down to $100-$200 for many patients. In addition, CHAI has played a vital role in reducing the costs of pediatric regimens for children with HIV/AIDS and, in the process, scaling up care to encompass nearly 650,000 young patients.

Supporting the Elderly Community at the Unity House in Nassau

Stephen Eric Lawrence is the founder of the Nassau-based Trinity Company. He supports charity work in the community as the chair of the Lawrence Family Charitable Foundation. Under the leadership of Stephen Eric Lawrence, the foundation has funded a full-scale renovation at Unity House, a home for the elderly in Nassau.

For 28 years, Unity House has worked to provide care for homeless, elderly people. The home and its residents benefit from private funding, volunteer efforts, and in-kind donations.

Some contributions to the facility have included the Lawrence Family Foundation’s donation of doors, drywall, roofing, mattresses, and new electrical appliances; financial donations from The Marley Resort and Spa, and the Doctors Hospital; and donations of linen from the Sandals Royal Bahamian.

Thanks to the ongoing support of philanthropic individuals and businesses, the Unity House will be able to continue its legacy of providing a safe haven, food, and ongoing care for its 40 full-time residents.

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