Stephen G. Barr

Startup Advisor, Mentor, COO, Catalyst, Strategist, C-Level Executive

Who Am I?? - If you don't know at least 'of' me then you probably don't realize the unique opportunity I represent to your start-up or project so I'll simply link in for you a Google search here. Please do take a moment to do some searching around about me. I live a very transparent personal as well as professional life and there is a ton of info out there and it's all good. I have had a diverse 42-year professional career and as such, bring to the table a unique skill set to early venture start-ups.

What Kind of Project or Position Would I like? - First and foremost one that is compensated in some form or another. I realize times are tough but I've done years of missionary, pro bono, work so you'd have to figure out a way to compensate me for my participation but I'm always open to creative means of doing so. Most comfortable as a 1099 subcontractor on a renewable annual or semi-annual contract with general free reign and authority to advise, direct or significantly contribute to the workflow of product development administrative, marketing, and financial departments

I am a builder, I get a rush from the build up phase, no matter what I'm building. It could be guiding a new internet start-up, it could be producing a major event, it could be grooming a new talent in the entertainment industry, it could be fundraising for a nonprofit, it could be overseeing a major real estate renovation or new development, it could be teaching a class of teenagers about art, music or literature or the urban political process....or any of a multitude of things I would excel at. Whatever you've got if it would be for a fairly limited time frame of at least 6-9 months to say 2-year plan that's about as long as I would want on any one project. I'm excellent at creating, launching new products and services from inception through to beta release.

Send me an email describing your project, concept or business model along with any pitch deck and or demo site you have up along with any conceptual designs or charts, narrative, and financials.

Here is a template of the type of agreement I prefer.

Lastly, I want to stress that it doesn't have to be earth shattering or make me rich financially as long as it offers me a challenge and is enough so I can sustain a modest lifestyle I'm cool so send it in ok?
Thanks...I'm looking forward to reading what you have in mind!
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