Stephen Geldmacher

Texas Air Shuttle, LLC, Founder and CEO Stephen Geldmacher

About Stephen Geldmacher

The cofounder and CEO of Texas Air Shuttle, LLC, Stephen “Steve” Geldmacher raised $1 million in private investments that went toward establishing a membership-based commuter airline in early 2014. He previously led the Houston renewable energy startup Enviro Energy, LLC, as CEO. Stephen Geldmacher and the Enviro Energy team developed low-cost power production capacities and generated interest in renewable energy project developments spanning the globe. He secured a five-megawatt system contract with the Indonesian government and forged a customer pipeline projected to result in $1.2 billion in future revenue.

Previously, Steve Geldmacher served in a variety of executive positions with Sprint-Nextel from 1996 to 2005 and helped guide the integration of field operations teams across the United States. As vice president of the affiliate integration office, he oversaw a $7.2 billion initiative involving six Sprint affiliates. He subsequently accepted responsibilities as president and CEO of Comvergics Systems in Rancho Cordova, California. Stephen Geldmacher guided capital funding efforts and directed the development and implementation of an innovative universal network hub system.

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