Stephen Kubiatowski

Assistant United States Attorney

About Stephen Kubiatowski

A federal prosecutor with 14 years of trial and appellate experience, Assistant U.S. Attorney Stephen Kubiatowski is currently on an extended detail as White Collar Crime Coordinator in the Executive Office for United States Attorneys at the U.S. Department of Justice. Educated at Dartmouth College and Columbia Law School, Stephen Kubiatowski completed a clerkship under Judge Michael Kanne of the Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit before joining Chicago firm Mayer Brown as an Associate Attorney in 1992. After three years of work in tax litigation at Mayer Brown, Mr. Kubiatowski began work as an Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Central District of Illinois, and he served Office of the Independent Counsel as an Associate Independent Counsel working on the Whitewater probe from 1995 to 1997.

In 2001, Stephen Kubiatowski accepted his present role as an Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois, where he has since prosecuted a wide range of white collar crimes and other criminal cases. Now based in Washington, D.C., he provides counsel on white collar policy and practice to United States Attorneys offices nationwide.                            

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