Stephen Zarick

Stephen Zarick - Owner of VO Group and Sales Development Expert

Stephen Zarick, president and owner of the VO Group, draws on an in-depth knowledge of Sales Development as well as Enterprise Mobility. Since starting the company in 2001, he has facilitated continuous business growth and has secured the company's debt-free positive revenue stream. Stephen Zarick continues to drive profit for the VO Group as well as for its prominent client base, which includes such industry-leading firms as IBM, Motorola, Honeywell, and Oracle.

Also the former founder and owner of Common Data, an innovative value-added reseller of Converged Solutions, Stephen Zarick has spent much of his career developing a comprehensive understanding of the sales channel. He continues to focus much of his professional time navigating the channel, where he has come to understand both high-potential strategies and the pitfalls that can inhibit operations.

He now offers this expertise both to his clients and to the industry as a seminar leader, coach, Web event leader, and speaker. A graduate of the international business program at Indiana University, Mr. Zarick balances his busy professional life with personal commitments as a father and community volunteer.