Steps to selling a car fast in Malaysia

Selling isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, so if you’re a shy sort of person, you better appoint someone else from family to sell the car. Or, else follow our step-to-step guide and sell your used car for sale in Malaysia on your own, that too fast and for a very good price.

A car that shines sells fast and for more

Take out a weekend to clean your Malaysia car for sale. Remove all your personal belongings from the vehicle, and use an air-freshener inside the car. Nobody likes a car that stinks and has shoes or socks inside.

Make sure the car is ready for the road, and doesn’t have a faulty part. If there are any dents on the body, get them fixed.

Leverage on the power of online car selling and buying portals

There are several portals that allow car sellers enlist their old cars within a few minutes. Go to Google and find out a couple of websites; many of these sites allow the sellers to upload 4-5 photos of the car, along with a nicely crafted car selling ad. A standard query should be like ‘Malaysia car for sale’ or ‘websites for selling cars in Malaysia’. Take a couple of minutes to check out the websites that pop out on the screen and decide which ones make sense. Once your upload the photos and ad copy, make sure you check them often.

If you’re not good at writing an ad copy, you better hire a copywriter. The ad copy should have the specifications about the car – such as car model – and why it is a hot deal.

Take clear photos of the used car for sale in Malaysia from different angles so that prospective buyers can have a good look at the car and can make up their minds. Take photos from a digital camera rather than a smartphone.

Last, but not the least, you should not attach an emotional price tag to the car. Your father may have gifted you this car on your first job, but that doesn’t mean you should ask for price that is too unrealistic. If you’re not sure about how to set the right price for the car for sale in Malaysia, you should speak to experts; even a friend or colleague can help you decide a figure or at least a price range that you should go out with.