Steve Misencik - Learning Yourself

When it all comes down to it, Steve is actually a pretty simple and honest guy with lots of hobbies that are no different than that of his employees. Steve says that the many hours of isolation that often come hand and hand with hunting help you become more intimate with yourself, and you learn your limitations. He says it is also amazing because you think about our ancestors who needed to hunt to survive, and how difficult it must have been for them, and yet they persevered anyway. For instance, Steve loves the outdoors, and enjoys a good sport and challenge as well. He says that hunting allows him to not just be close with nature, but if it is successful, Steve can even get some wholesome and organic meat from his fresh kill. Telecommunication expert  Steve Misencik has merged his two loves by becoming actively involved in the sport of hunting. Steve says that hunting is great because of the challenge it offers, how a man becomes at war with nature, testing his mettle against the primal forces of the Earth. He says that there is no higher quality meat than a freshly killed one, and that it can provide the most nourishment because it isn't stripped of value by chemicals and preservation processes that run rampant in the meat distribution industry today.

Steve Misencik says that hunting isn't just rewarding, but spiritually soothing as well. He says that everyone should go hunting at least once or twice in their life because it helps you better understand yourself.