Steve Jobs: Someone Different
                          By Joel Johnson

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Early Life

Steve Jobs a Genius, an Inventor, and the man who added more meaning to an “Apple.” Steve Jobs was born to Joanne Schieble. Schieble was just 23 and social customs in the 1950s frowned at a woman having a child before marriage, because of this she moved to San Francisco. A lawyer and his wife had agreed to adopt the baby. But when the baby was born in San Francisco, Calafornia, February 24, 1955 they changed their minds. So Clara and Paul Jobs a modest couple, jumped up and took the chance to adopt him. They named him Steven Paul. Steven’s birth mom wanted for Steven’s parents to be college educated. Before the adoption was finalized Schieble learned that neither parent had a college degree. She only agreed to complete the adoption months later.



Clara teaching Steve to read had it's benefits, but in school he always wanted to read. What he didn’t want to do was follow instructions. Since school was so dull his way of keeping interest was by causing havoc. Luckily in fourth grade he was rescued by a teacher named Mrs. Hill who got his interest back in school, causing him to get a very high score when he was tested. Since Steve’s score was so high his teachers suggested that he skip couple of grades but, his parents let him skip one. He made it through sixth, but seventh grade was a much rougher crowd, fights were common and some students bullied the kid who was a year younger than everyone else. Jobs finally decided he wasn’t going there anymore so they bought a three-bedroom home in Los Altos where the schools were safe. Jobs went to Reed College but he dropped out after the first semester. Jobs Senior Yearbook Photo

Career & Death

Jobs found his first job at Atari Inc. in Los Gatos, California. Jobs irritated coworkers with his strong opinions and pointed criticism at their work. So Alcorn, the chief engineer of Atari moved Jobs to the night shift. Jobs was soon assigned a task, Nolan Bushnell, the founder of Atari had asked him to design a game called Breakout in which players destroy brick walls with a bouncing ball Jobs recruited Wozniak his old high school friend to help because Jobs knew the design was way beyond his capabilities. Wozniak was attending a computer club at the time and he was trying to design his own computer and these ideas he shared with Jobs. On April 1, 1976 apple computer is found Spring 1976 Jobs receives Apples first order. From there more Apple devices are introduced the iPhone, the iPod, and many more. Steve Jobs died on October 5, 2011 because of Pancreatic cancer. Steve Jobs’ devices are still used today around the globe.


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