Steven Wayne Mesia

Head of Quality Assurance at B and D Foods, Inc.

About Steven Wayne Mesia

Food manufacturing executive Steven Wayne Mesia wields more than two decades of experience as a quality-assurance (QA) manager in his present position as director of quality assurance at B and D Foods, Inc., of Boise, Idaho. Before joining B and D Foods in July 2013, he served as a manager and executive at Nurture (doing business as Happy Family) for five years. Outside of the office, Steven Wayne Mesia focuses his time and energy on community initiatives and recreational interests.

At Nurture, Steven Wayne Mesia worked as a vice president of QA and technical services, a director of QA, a director of operations, and an operations manager. As the company’s first employee, he grew the QA department from scratch, coordinated compliance and communication with regulatory agencies, and oversaw the supply side of Nurture. From 2007 to 2012, he helped grow Nurture from a startup enterprise to a $100 million company and a market leader in the manufacture of organic food for toddlers and infants.

Outside of work, Mr. Mesia spends time with his family, and every year he hosts a foreign exchange student at his home in Boise. He enjoys working on his hobby farm when he can. Additionally, he writes and records blues music.

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