Steven Zoernack

Experienced Fund Manager and Investment Banker

About Steven Zoernack

Steve Zoernack leverages extensive commodities and equities trading experience as managing director of EquityStar Capital Management. With the commercial real estate group at Sun Credit in the mid-1990s, he originated major commercial mortgage-backed securities transactions. These spanned diverse property types, from multifamily housing to healthcare facilities. Steve Zoernack notably took a lead advisor role in a real estate investment trust’s $350 million buyout attempt of the landmark Las Vegas Desert Inn.

Steve Zoernack subsequently served as a portfolio manager with Bear Stearns Companies, Inc. In this capacity, he led the development of innovative crude and heating oil, and gasoline derivative instruments. He gained a reputation for successfully predicting market trends, including the rise in oil prices past the $100-per-barrel threshold in 2008. With his current firm, Mr. Zoernack manages the EquityStar Momentum Growth Fund, which combines traditional and alternative investment approaches. His focus is on mitigating risk through selling assets with recent subpar performance, while focusing investments on upward-trending asset classes. Steve Zoernack emphasizes equity opportunities in global realignments, including a shift toward China and Asia, which are set to influence the global economy over the next half century.

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