Steve Shellman

Political Research Scientist and Published Analyst

About Steve Shellman

As chief executive officer and chief research scientist at Strategic Analysis Enterprises, Inc., Steve Shellman helps the United States government and other clients monitor tumultuous events around the globe. Steve Shellman’s quantitative approach utilizes software capable of studying political sentiments from source texts such as online news and blogs. His statistical models can often forecast political events up to a year in advance with high accuracy.

Shellman also directs the Violent International Political Conflict and Terrorism Research Laboratory at the College of William & Mary. Funded by the National Science Foundation, his research centers on strategic interactions between political actors and models political conflict.

Stephen Shellman’s extensive teaching experience includes undergraduate courses in political science research and comparative politics at Florida State University, as well as data analysis and advanced research on political violence at the College of William & Mary. A Ph.D. graduate of Florida State University’s political science program, Stephen Shellman has published a book adapted from his award-winning doctoral dissertation, “Taking Turns: A Theory and Model of Government-Dissident Interactions.”

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