Steve Shillingford, Signal Peak - Entrepreneur and Signal Peak Ventures Advisor

Steve Shillingford, a longtime entrepreneurial presence in high tech, served as the CEO of Solera Networks. The South Jordan, Utah, firm offers advanced threat protection using state-of-the-art network analytics and big data security intelligence. Steve Shillingford is also an advisor with Signal Peak Ventures, a growth equity enterprise that has over $500 million in assets under management. The firm seeks out high-tech startups that offer the potential to create enduring value. The firm’s current portfolio includes C7 Data Centers, Wildworks, and Experticity.

Mr. Shillingford’s two decades of experience include executive positions in sales, marketing, and operations. He began his career with Novell, Inc., which offers Fortune 500 companies innovative identity management and networking services. Prior to joining his current firm, Mr. Shillingford held executive responsibilities with Oracle Corp. and helped the firm achieve significant growth across a number of critical segments. He holds a bachelor of science in psychology from Brigham Young University and completed MBAs at both the University of California, Berkeley, and Columbia University Business School.

Top Attractions to See When Visiting Australia

The former chief executive officer of Solera Networks, Steve Shillingford serves as an advisor for Signal Peak Ventures and Mod N Labs. When he is not maintaining his responsibilities at Signal Peak Ventures, Steve Shillingford enjoys traveling to locations across the globe, including Australia.

From wondrous natural sights to iconic cities, Australia has much to offer to its annual visitors. When planning a vacation to the Land Down Under, consider visiting the following locations.

Kangaroo Island
Located just south of Adelaide, Kangaroo Island is a popular weekend destination for native Australians and tourists alike. There, you have the unique opportunity to go sandboarding on the dunes, visit vast honey farms, or tour a number of caves. To experience the local wildlife, you can also stop at the island’s Seal Bay Conservation Park.

Sydney Harbor
Perhaps one of the most well-known locations in Australia, Sydney Harbor is home to many tourist spots. When visiting the city, you can take a trip to the historic Opera House or take a ferry down the waterway. The harbor also offers a number of family-friendly attractions such as the Taronga Zoo.

Byron Bay
Byron Bay offers beautiful weather and white beaches throughout the year. Local residents particularly favor this New South Wales-based vacation spot, taking advantage of scuba diving and surfing opportunities during their stay. Frequently, Byron Bay also hosts a number of music festivals to attract even more visitors.