Various Hair Extensions Methods That You May Try

Wigs are the thing of the past, it’s Newport hair extensions which are making the glamour world go round. People prefer this because it is much less striking than your ever-present wig. Also based on your use or attachment, it lasts much longer too. So those of you who are ready to experiment, give your hair volume, length change, or may be a touch of color ranging from regular to shocking pink or fluorescent green, this is the way to go.

Hair integration is commonly known as the extensions that hide wrong haircut and balding patch. Whatever it may be, here below are various methods of using your hair extensions Newport.


Clipped extensions are the best for those who regularly wish to change their hairstyle. Once it will be a short hairdo and another time you will be sporting long tresses. The best thing about this kind of extensions is that you can style as your heart wants, simply clip it to get the look you desire.

Invisible weave

You don't require any glue or braid to use this kind of extensions. Naturally, the distinction between your original hair and the extensions is blurred completely and no one will be able to spot the difference. However, these kinds of extensions are somewhat time-consuming to use but surely worth the effort.


Wefts form a base for various hair extensions which are easily available in Newport, here extensions remain sewn together using through hair strings. While ideally, one needs to go to the salon to get the procedure done, it is even possible to do it at home if you have a friend to help. First, you will need to create cornrows using your hair and then simply sew the wefts on these.


This as the name indicates, is the fusion of weft extensions and Strand-by-Strand method. In this bonding procedure, a fusion of extensions with the natural keratin protein of hair occurs through the use of bonding glue and an adhesive heated stick. This kind of hair extensions at Newport Beach has a great staying power and you can wear them for 3-5 months at a stretch.

Bonding method

This requires use of adhesive bonding material, which you need to brush on extension hair weft and then apply it to the hair root. You need to use bonding removers for easy removal of such extensions.

Lace extension

Knotting of single hair strands occur in this method into a minute cap opening formed using the mesh nylon material. This kind of extensions appears extremely real with better natural flow compared to other methods.


If you have extremely fine, over-processed, straight and silky hair, which you will have trouble holding with glue or keratin micro-method is the exact thing for you. It uses tiny sleeves or links made from polymer specially formulated material.

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