By: Abigail Rojas, D'Stefano Regil

"me vestra dilectio fortis , quem odistis me unstoppable"

"your love makes me strong, your hate makes me unstoppable"


Red Tree: Contradicts the green tree of the country Hansbure. The red represent the blood of the innocents that the government of Hansbure has spilled.

White: The peace that Spander seeks to gain by defeating Hansbure

Blue: The freedom that the people who join our cause will reclaim as their own.

Black: The hatred that we have towards Hansbure

The Truth of the Constitution

Constitution of



The name of this country will be Spander.


All we seek to do is to enlighten the citizens of Hansbure about the horrors of the country they reside in. Our main goal is to free them from the oppression that they have lived through their entire lives.


To be a citizen of Spander you need to follow the rules. You must be a resident of Spander for at least 3 years. You are free of oppression. Will not be racist, and we will have respect for each other.


David Spander is our savior. He single-handedly led us into a new life where we are truly free and joyful. His wise teachings have helped Spander become a strong country ruled by its own people.


The government of Spander promises to protect its citizens with any means possible. As long as the people follow the few rules, they are completely free to lead the lives they desire. This country will never be hungry, conflicted, or unjust.


To protect the people there will be some laws to enforce. Freedom to bear arms, you may have a weapon with a legal permit. Violence will not be tolerated in Spander. No racist acts. Do not steal.


Everyone is free to choose what or who they want to be. There are infinite choices regarding occupations. Education is completely free for everyone who desires to have it. However, in order to receive a completely free of charge college/ university education, one has to complete the prior levels of education. When the situation of somebody who does not want a full education arises, they have the choice of a career that does not require a high level of knowledge.


The Flag of the great country of Spander represents all that their citizens stand for. The blood red tree in the middle is a symbol that contradicts the green tree that is on the flag of Hansbure. Its color represents the blood of the innocents that were killed. The white represent the peace that Spander wishes to achieve by defeating Hansbure. The Blue is the freedom that is offered to the citizens of Spander. The black X represents the hatred Spander has for the fowl country of Hansbure.


David Spander is our figurehead, he is the one who brought Spander together. He gave us hope, freedom, a place to live, and a new start. David Spander is a great leader and a great person to follow. He believes that everyone has a chance, and believes in equality. David Sander wants peace, not violence.

Edda Spander

She is tough, strong, just, and wise.

Edda was once a dutiful citizen of Hansbure just as all the people of Spander. She was Della L. Hansbure’s personal advisor and twin sister. Because of his position, she was privy to all of the organization’s horrible secrets. She alone was aware of the horrors that Hansbure’s prisoners went through. After 10 years of watching members of her own community be tortured in unmentionable ways, she finally cracked. Even though it hurt her to betray her own sister, she decided to liberate all those innocent people that were being robbed of their rights.

Day by day, she rebelled in secret. In order to make sure nobody knew of her new state of mind, she continued to advice and obey her sister as usual. As time passed by, her plan grew more elaborate. A year later, her plan was completed to the smallest detail. She had convinced a small group of two hundred people to leave Hansbure and start a new life, a free life away from oppression. They all left Hansbure at 3 o’clock in the morning. Edda has previously drugged Della and her entire security staff during dinner. Because of this, they were not caught. Their escape was successful and they were now on their way to freedom.

After their escape, they found land with a forest that divided them from Hansbure. Edda changed her name from Hansbure to Spander, which was her late mentor's last name. At this point in her life, she wanted to forget her past of abuse. In order to become capable of running an entire rebellion, she became a strong, wise woman who made it her life goal to protect her people and destroy Hansbure.


Together we rise

ready to fight

for the real truth

that we know is right

we stand together as one

against Hansbure

once they have fallen

we know that we have won

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