be sick or be healthy, get Iodine

Iodine was discovered by Bernard Courtois in 1811 in France.


NThe symbol for Iodine is I.  Iodine has an atomic number of fifty-three and antomic mass of 126.9045. iodine is in group  seventeen period five.  It has seven valence electrons and five shells.  It is a non-metal.


Iodine is sometimes added to table salt to prevent thyroid disease.  Iodine is needed for the body in small amounts to stay healthy.  Iodine‚Äôs other uses include animal feeds and printing inks and dyes.  Silver iodide is used in photography. You should bring  Iodine with you because it is used to disinfect water.  Iodine is primarily used in nutrition and it can help you stay healthy.  It can kill bacteria and Iodine is used to treat wounds.  Also it is one of the most important medicines.

Iodine Is typically found in the ocean and the soil.

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