Sticks and Stones....

The truth about our online words.

Let's Discuss: What is the comic about?

how many of us know someone who has been cyberbullied?

How many of us know someone who has BEEN the cyberbully?

You're not alone.

Robert Pattinson     Angelina Jolie

       Jackie Chan      Jennifer Lawrence

    Zac Efron      Taylor Swift

Justin Timberlake

Are all famous celebrities who were bullied at some point in their life.  Who knew??  And look how they all turned out.  

Can you be the next major celebrity?  How about songwriter?

Ah, but what can I do? I'm just a __________.

your project:
Create a song about cyberbullying.

Your song can be about:

  • What you can do instead of cyberbullying someone.
  • What you think a cyberbullying victim should do or remember in that situation.

Your song should have 1 verse and 1 chorus.  It can be sung to the melody of an existing song.


  • Song writing and editing with Mrs. Kurian: 2 classes
  • Recording: 1 class
  • Class share: final class

song example:


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