Casting On

Looking for some help on casting on? Well then just watch this video and start casting on!

Knit Stich

If you want to go ahead of the group, then learn the knit stich! It's cool to go ahead because if you do then we can get to the really fun stuff!

Cast Off

Done with your project? Don't know how to get the loops off the needle? The answer is to...Cast Off! Learn how in this video!

Purl Stich

Already mastered the knit stich? Looking for another? Well then start the purl stich! Try to impress me by how much you have learned!

Linen stich

Wow! You really want to go on! Try this new stich and show me what you made!

Brioche Stich

This is a little harder than some of the others, but it makes a great scarf!